Thursday, September 30, 2010

Allergy Shot Update

Last Monday (9/20) I got my allergy shots.  I waited the 30 minutes...I noticed my right arm had a small bump and was a little itchy and red.  When I showed the nurse they didn't think I was having a reaction to cause alarm so I was fine to go home.

On Friday (9/24) when I went in for my second round of allergy shots for the week they decided to add a lovely ice pack to my arm for the 30 minute wait so that I wouldn't have the same reaction as Monday.  It did help, although my right arm still had a small bump and was a little itchy and red. 
Likewise when I went on Monday (9/27) I got another lovely ice pack!  I guess this is the new routine for me.  However, 9/27 was a special day because I graduated from getting shots twice a week to once a week.  Now I will only have to go get shots once a week for at least 15 weeks before I will graduate again to the next level (2x per month). 


Last Thursday Dan had Back to School Night so Elise came up to get Campbell.  Elise and Campbell had dinner with Nonna and Pops and then Travis, Isaiah, and I came over to go on a walk with everyone. 
Campbell and Isaiah love their Pops!

Monday, September 20, 2010

21 Months for One Week

Isaiah has officially been 21 months old for one week.  During this past week I have been busy recording all the words that Isaiah knows and uses on a regular basis.  Here is the LONG list of words our little guy knows after only being home for a little over 4 months.  We are so proud of him!

Hi Ya!
I Get You
Bye Bye
All Gone
All Done
Down (ga)
Up Above
Arm in
Good Dog
Campbell (Ba Bum)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Halloween Costume

Normally I not a fan of Halloween, but toddlers in costumes is so cute! How could I resist when I noticed Costco was selling Halloween costumes for a good price... only $11.99.  I found a duck costume that I thought was pretty cute so I went ahead and bought it since knew the availability would be limited as it got closer to October.  I had also seen the same costume at Fred Meyer for $34.99 so I knew I was getting a good deal. 

Isaiah really seems to be growing these days so I was getting worried that the Halloween costume wasn't going to fit in a month an half so this evening I decided to try the costume on and see how much room he still has to grow and allow the costume to fit.  He was such an adorable duck!  He did great keeping the hood of the costume on... he never once tried to take it off.  I still need to find a yellow long sleeve shirt to go with the costume, but for now enjoy my precious baby duckling.

Simple Afternoon Walk

Nonna watched Isaiah at our house today.  When I got home at 12:30 Isaiah was in his highchair and almost finished eating lunch:  peanut butter and jelly, strawberries, and milk.  I joined him and had some lunch myself, but he finished and played toys while Nonna and I visited for a few minutes.  After lunch we said Bye Bye to Nonna.  Isaiah stood at the front window crying until Nonna had driven away and I picked him up. Silly boy loves his Nonna! 

We went upstairs for nap time and read books, sang songs, and cuddled.  He was almost asleep when I carried him from the rocking chair in our room to his crib.  Once I laid him down I too took a nap.  It was much needed!  We both got a good hour and half nap. 

After our nap we had a snack and then I decided we should get out of the house and go for a walk (at least to the mailbox).  I got Isaiah's shoes and sweatshirt on and then I realized it was starting to rain.  I decided to take the stroller so he would stay dry on our walk.  I slipped on my shoes (Crocs, since they were already downstairs) and my rain jacket.  I guess when I left I was kind of thinking I would just walk to the mailbox and then back. 

However, once I was outside and realized how quickly it was to get the mail I decided to walk a little further.  Not too long into the walk I started to notice I was getting wet, but it didn't seem that bad.  I didn't want Isaiah to get wet so I put a blanket (we always keep a blanket in the basket underneath our stroller) over Isaiah's lap so that his pants and shoes that weren't under the stroller cover wouldn't get wet and away we went for our walk.  I remember thinking wow my jacket is really getting wet, but my pants only had splashes of water.  Before long I looked again and noticed the front of my pants are completely soaking wet!  Not too long later in my walk Travis called me to let me know he was leaving work and I realize even my hands were dripping wet so when I answered my phone it ended up getting soaking wet too.  At this point I was heading home from our walk because I was getting too wet!

Even thought I was wet I actually had a lot of fun and Isaiah was happy to be going for a ride (he didn't even know about getting wet or so I thought).   During the walk I kept checking to make sure Isaiah was okay.  For awhile the fleece blanket repelled the water and kept his pants and shoes dry.  However, at one point (almost at home) I checked the blanket and realized water had been soaking in and it was now wet, but Isaiah's pants and shoes were still dry so I figured he was doing fine.  Once we finally got home and I got Isaiah out of the stroller I realized his head was wet and the back seat of the stroller was wet... I guess water leaks/comes in from the back (I wasn't even checking that area).

Here are the aftermath pictures of our adventure walk in the rain:

My soaking wet pants!
Notice all the water build up on my coat... I guess it was raining harder than I realized.
A couple hours after our walk I noticed there was a standing puddle of water underneath the blanket and it was still soaking wet!
Wet stroller that is still drying!  I am thinking I need to invent in a rain shield.
Isaiah with wet hair, but isn't fazed by it and he is still enjoying the rain from inside the house.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Our Weekend

Friday morning around 5am I woke up with a slight sore throat. I took vitamin C, gargled with salt water, drank lots of water and hoped for the best.  When I got to school I had three students complaining about sore throats too.  Not a good sign!

Friday afternoon my throat was bugging me too much and it was my scheduled day to get my allergy shots.  My paperwork mentioned not getting shots when you felt under the weather, but I thought I was feeling well enough so I went ahead and got my shots.

By Friday evening I was miserable.  I was sneezing and congested.  I had a super bad runny nose!  I hardly got any sleep on Friday night.  I stayed up until midnight because I was so uncomfortable, but then I woke up at 1am, 3am, 5am, and 8am.  I am pretty sure I went through an entire box of Kleenex that night!

Saturday morning and afternoon I didn't feel the greatest either.  Travis made us waffles for breakfast and we hung around the house until late afternoon.  Since there was a Ducks game on Saturday Travis was excited to have Isaiah wear his Ducks Jersey.  I ended up taking a nap when Isaiah took his nap and that helped a little, but it wasn't until I took medicine again at dinner time, 6pm that I finally started feeling better.  I had enough energy on Saturday evening to run a few errands with Travis while Isaiah stayed with his grandparents and played with Campbell.

On Saturday night I slept wonderful!  I think I only woke up once and slept in until 9am.  We didn't go to church since I hadn't been feeling well, Isaiah possibly was getting a cold too, and he had struggled last week at nursery.  We casually got ourselves ready and then ventured out of the house for a few more errands.  I felt considerably better on Sunday than Friday or Saturday.

I am not sure if I had a cold and the allergy shots made it worse or if I had a cold and it was going to bad no matter what.  Since I didn't know for sure I am waiting an extra day in between getting my next round of allergy shots in hopes to not be under the weather.

I'm Back at Work

I guess reality is...I'm back to work and not blogging about work isn't allowing me to stay home!

On August 24, 25, and 26 I attended a Bridges in Mathematics Training. The training was for three whole (8am-4pm) days and was meant to help us get our feet wet in the "new" curriculum our district adopted for the 3rd grade teachers.  Isaiah stayed with Nonna while I was at the training, and it was a long three days for all of us!  

Tuesday, August 31 was my official first day back.  I am still working part-time, but this year it will be teaching in the morning.  The schedule for this day was a work day.  I came in at 8:00 am planning to have 4 hours to get lots done in my classroom.  However, I ended up attending a schedule meeting for a hour and half from 8:00 until 9:30am.  After the meeting I did get several needed items done, but noon came by quickly.  I wanted to keep getting things checked off my to-do-list, but I also wanted to pick up Isaiah from Nonna's.

Wednesday and Thursday were also contract days.  I again worked from 8 to 12 and most of my time was spent in beginning of the year trainings.  Thursday morning was Drop Off and Donuts so I did get to meet a few of my students and their families.  Isaiah was with Nonna both of these days and I think was starting to get our new routine.  

Friday was a non-contract day, but I just wasn't feeling ready for the first day of school so I went for a few hours.  Mostly I ended up making photo copies and continuing to organize the new math curriculum.  The nice thing about going in on Friday was that Travis (who took the day off) and Isaiah were able to come in with me!

The first day of school was Tuesday, September 7 and I have now taught these students for one whole week.  I have 21 students and they are amazing!  I am really enjoying the blessing of a smaller class size this year.  I also am enjoying the blessing of only having 3rd grade students as opposed to my 2/3 split class last year.  I am excited to continue to get to know my students and their families.

Isaiah has been doing well with Nonna.  He is starting to talk so much more (but that is another blog post).  Isaiah loves getting to see and play with Campbell on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Nonna thinks he misses us, even though he may not show it by running up and giving me a hug or kiss when I come to pick him up.

Going back to work hasn't been terrible by any means, but I do miss spending all day with my baby.  I know Isaiah is in great hand though...thanks to my wonderful mom!  We appreciate all she is doing to help our family out.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Tryon Creek Park

Travis' parents came over on Sunday for a one night visit.  It was fun to have everyone over for dinner on Sunday evening.  Then, on Monday, Labor Day, we went and explored Tryon Creek Park.
The boys heading back to the car to drop off our lunch stuff.
I started out with Isaiah on my back, but then moved him to a front carry because I think that feels more comfortable and he relaxed and fell asleep.  Hiking with a 30 pound toddler was more a challenge than I realized!
Somebody just got a new smart phone... and couldn't resist checking his work email from the trail.
The Grandparents on the first bridge we crossed.
Amazing place- God's creation is beautiful!
Isaiah woke up at the very end of the hike, and I was soaking with sweat so we let him walk.  He had fun holding Grandma and Grandpa's hands, but it definitely slowed down our pace!
Hot and sweaty family picture after the hike!

Day of Pajamas!

On Saturday we all stayed in our pajamas until late afternoon.  It was wonderful!
I never want to disturb Isaiah while he is sleeping so I don't try and take pictures of him in his crib, but I always want to because I love all the ways he "gets comfortable". This afternoon he was still in his pajamas when I put him down for a nap and I thought it was too cute to not snap a quick picture.  I think he is finally enjoying the pillow addition to the crib!


We have found that Isaiah loves food so much more if hehas a sauce to complement the food.  He loves dipping!  Here are a couple pictures from this weekend of Isaiah enjoying some ranch sauce.

 If you notice... he is dipping his cracker instead of the carrots, but he enjoyed it all!

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Fun with the Sargents

We meet the Sargents for dinner last night and then hung out at their house for a little while.  Josh gave Isaiah a laundry basket ride.  Isaiah LOVED it!  He kept saying again and again.  Then, we decided to let Lilly have a ride too.
Having fun zooming around the living room!
Isaiah wasn't sure that it was as fun to ride in the laundry basket with Lilly too.  At this point he was trying to get out!

Enjoying Yummy Freezer Jam from Aunt Kayla

Kayla made strawberry freezer jam earlier this summer and gave us a container.  I hadn't put the jam in the fridge yet, until this past weekend.  On Monday morning Isaiah and I enjoyed yummy toast and freezer jam. 
Isaiah loved his breakfast!
Mommy loved her breakfast too!

Thanks Aunt Kayla for making and sharing some yummy jam.