Sunday, February 01, 2015

Camping With Neighbors (7-14)

The girls going from our campsite to the neighbors campsite.

Missy busted out her hammock...all the kids thought it was great!
 Isaiah might seriously need us to buy him a hammock in the future.  I love how relaxed he looked!

We went for a pretty good and tiring hike!

Travis and I went on another hike adventure later in the afternoon
because Esther didn't think her morning rest was long enough.

There is no water source (river or lake) but we came prepared by
bringing our baby pool with us to survive the hot afternoons-ha!

Missy had been given the ice bucket challenge.  She did the challenge and then the kids wanted
to try out the fun.  Good thing it was a hot day and we had already been playing in the baby pool!

Camping with Neighbors (7-13)

We loved camping at Stub Stewart State Park so much  that we ended up crashing our neighbors' camping trip...and joined them for some fun too!  We are getting to be professionals at setting up camp!  Missy and Greg were camping with their new their set up took a bit more time.

The kids happily played in the rocks/dirt while the Mommies and Daddies set up camp!

Ah perfection...our rent and new shade tent all ready to go!

Missy's and Greg's set up!

 I made Tex Mex Dip for dinner!  
I even had some helpers- sometimes it can be so fun to cook food outside.

Everyone was excited that we got wood so we could build a campfire.

The kids REALLY wanted smores!

Allie started her marshmallow on fire.

She still happily ate her smore!