Thursday, October 31, 2013

Oregon Heritage Farms (9-16)

Our friend Rachel invited us to a Sherwood Mom's Club activity at the Oregon Heritage Farm.

Isaiah was excited about the first tractor ride of the season!

Rachel's sister in-law, Sarah, and the little girl Sarah takes care of, Lucy, also came to the apple farm.

From the tractor ride there were cows to view ...

apple orchards to view...

  and a fountain to view...

Isaiah asked to stand in front of the tractor tire and get his picture taken.

Beside the tractor ride this farm also had a bounce apple, which the kids thought was fun!

And what is a friends hangout without a little time roaming around in the van!

Sarah and Lucy left and then we ate lunch and checked out another tractor, which
was perfect for a few photos.

This place even had a few animals...goats! 

Esther was very sleepy on the way home after our morning of fun.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Isaiah Has an Obsession with Red Robin (9-15)

Isaiah says he wants or needs to go to Red Robin almost daily.  Funny thing is...he tolerates
eating chicken and ice cream there.  The reason he likes Red Robin is because of the light
shapes.  Above the tables there are colored shapes that are the lights...and he is in love!  

After our dinner at Red Robin we walked through Target.  I found this pretty awesome banana costume, but we didn't buy it.  Isaiah thought it was fun to try on for a few minutes.

Frisbee Golf (9-13)

Uncle Chuck and Aunt Cheryl have started playing some Frisbee golf just for fun. They have been asking us to go with them and we finally got to go on a Friday afternoon.  Travis has Frisbee golfed before (with our brother in-law Dan, and when he went to a church camp when he was younger), but Isaiah and I had never tried it.  Isaiah had a BLAST (and I thought it was pretty fun)!  This didn't surprise me that Isaiah liked it so much because we were outside and with family...his favorite things!

Esther even thought it was ok.  She mostly just rode in the stroller and
hung out and even got to hold a frisbee for a bit.

She has little curls that are so cute!

September 12th National Chocolate Milkshake Day!

Somehow I heard about this silly holiday-National Chocolate Milkshake day and decided it was a good way to celebrate the end of Isaiah's first week at preschool.  I couldn't decide where we should go to get our chocolate milkshake, but ended up picking Jem 100.  I was a little disappointed with our milkshake because the ice cream tasted frosty or crystallized but Isaiah still had a good time!  

After our milkshake snack we went to the park for a bit.

And then came home to play toys...or rest on pillows!