Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Tryon Creek Park

Travis' parents came over on Sunday for a one night visit.  It was fun to have everyone over for dinner on Sunday evening.  Then, on Monday, Labor Day, we went and explored Tryon Creek Park.
The boys heading back to the car to drop off our lunch stuff.
I started out with Isaiah on my back, but then moved him to a front carry because I think that feels more comfortable and he relaxed and fell asleep.  Hiking with a 30 pound toddler was more a challenge than I realized!
Somebody just got a new smart phone... and couldn't resist checking his work email from the trail.
The Grandparents on the first bridge we crossed.
Amazing place- God's creation is beautiful!
Isaiah woke up at the very end of the hike, and I was soaking with sweat so we let him walk.  He had fun holding Grandma and Grandpa's hands, but it definitely slowed down our pace!
Hot and sweaty family picture after the hike!

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Brad & Emily said...

we love this park and have gone each summer with the Dunlops. We will have to go this coming summer. I love the posts!