Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Learning To Use Scissors

At Christmas time Isaiah got a pair of kid friendly scissors from Nonna and Pops.  Even though they were kid friendly I hadn't really introduced them to him yet.  However, the other morning I was cutting out some coupons and my little helper was interested in helping Mommy.  I didn't really want him using my big scissors so we pulled out his kid friendly scissors.  He had tons of fun studying and investigating the scissors.  Since, Isaiah is left handed I tried my best to teach him how to use scissors and cut with his left hand, but it was hard.  Then, I had Isaiah try the scissors with his right hand and he seemed to do much better.  After I showed him how to cut with both hands he kept going back and forth between cutting left handed and right handed.  I think he is still trying to figure out which hand is best for him.  He isn't a cutting expert yet, but he did have a good time helping Mommy.

Here are a few pictures and a couple videos of his first experience with scissors!

Still Getting Allergy Shots...And Still Doing Lots of Waiting

Every time I go in to get my allergy shots I have to wait for 30 minutes after the shots to make sure I don't have a reaction.  Last week while we were at the doctors office Isaiah asked to go upstairs (where the kids toys are located...smart boy, and not sure why we haven't done this before).  While he was playing I took this short video of him enjoying different toys than the ones I normally bring to entertain him!

He was also wearing a new outfit... 3t clothes, such a big boy!  And yes, my boy is wearing a pink shirt, he loved it and talked about it all day!  Isaiah wearing a pink shirt reminds me of Korea because pink isn't just a girl color there, and I think he can still pull it off and love super handsome!


This summer Isaiah has started to talk in sentences more and more.  It is so interesting to hear the sentences and ideas he is able to put together.

A couple weeks ago we watched our friends, the Sargent's, dog for a long weekend.  Isaiah loved the big boxer and said many sentences to and about her.  I can't remember all of them, but his favorites that he repeated daily were:  Beulah is eating!  Beulah is sleeping!

In this video, while playing with a car on Beulah's cage he quietly says, That's funny!  I love that he is enjoying himself with such simple things, and beginning to communicate what he is thinking/feeling.

Twisty Slide

We haven't been getting tons of sun, but enough to get outside some and go to the park.  Isaiah loves going down the twisty slide, but before he goes he always sends two bark chips ahead of him...I guess to make sure it is safe or just for fun!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pops' Jacket

On Monday, Nonna and Pops came to our house to have dinner with Isaiah and I since Travis was at class.  Before getting ready to walk to Taco Bell we said something about getting a jacket on...Isaiah decided he would like to wear Pops' jacket.  Here are a few pictures of my silly boy in a jacket that was just a tad too big for him.

Park Trip With Friends

On Sunday the Harris family came over for dinner and then we went to the park close to our house.  The kids had a great time playing together at the park. The twisty slide was a big highlight during this park visit!
At the top...
coming down.
At the top...
coming down.
They were pretending the bark chips were food...it was so fun to see them play together!
Isaiah really warmed up to the Harris family and had fun walking back to our house with them.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Helping Daddy

Saturday was chore day for us and Isaiah was happy to help!

New Pillows for Mom and Dad and New Shoes for Isaiah!

On Friday evening we went to Red Robin with Aunt Kayla, Uncle Josh, and Grandma and Grandpa.  After dinner we stopped at Kohl's to get new pillows.  Isaiah loved helping carry the pillows around Kohl's.  Next, we went to Fred Meyer to get Isaiah GREEN shoes, which he LOVES!


Berry Picking With Aunt Kayla

Last Friday Isaiah and I went berry picking with Aunt Kayla.  We went to Koch Farm in Saint Paul.
Isaiah was very content walking up and down the raspberry fields. 
He loved carrying the bucket too, although it stayed mostly empty.
The few raspberries in his bucket were Mommy contributions, but eventually he started to get the hang of picking berries.  Unfortunately, most of his berries still didn't make it into the bucket and I am not sure how many berries my silly boy ate!
Trying to get a picture of Isaiah and Aunt Kayla, but Isaiah was too busy!
Reaching for a delicious raspberry...that was just a little out of his reach.
Walking back from the raspberry field... 1 hour of picking, 7lbs of fruit, $7.35!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

We started our 4th of July holiday by meeting Nonna, Pops, Campbell, Grammy, and Grandad at Snyder Park.  The weather was great- warm enough to play in the water fountain.  The boys had a fun time playing!

By afternoon Elise, Dan, and Greyson were able to leave the hospital and come to Nonna and Pops house.  I guess he did pretty well in his car seat, and we all had fun holding him!

After lunch we headed home so Isaiah could take a nap before we headed out for more fun.  In the evening we went to the Puckett's house and had a yummy BBQ and hung out with good friends.  I didn't get any pictures, but Adam took a few of the kids so maybe I can get those and add them to this post later.

When we left their house we were able to watch some fireworks from the Tigard High School display.  We parked our car in a near by neighborhood and let Isaiah watch...he LOVED them!

This video gives a small highlight of his love for fireworks.  He talked about them tons and he is still talking about seeing fireworks! We had a full day, but it was a lot of fun.