Thursday, December 29, 2011

Isaiah's BirthDAY Celebration

On Tuesday, December 13th Isaiah's actual birthDAY we took Isaiah to Krispy Kreme.

He thought it was a good way to celebrate!

Family Activity on Sunday December 11th

We went to Christmas on the Campground...and had a great time!

 There was a small petting zoo.  Notice the HUGE goat!

There was a live nativity walk.  We traveled through a building and got to hear the nativity story in six parts.  The kids and adults doing the reenactment did a wonderful job!

There was a hay ride, but we ran out of time to do this activity so instead we walked around the rest of the campus and looked at all the beautiful lights.

There was a real camel to see...he was HUGE, bigger than the huge goat!
 I hope my friend Emily LOVES my camel pictures!

Isaiah's Birthday Party

On December 10th we had a Tractor (scene from the first Cars movie) themed 3 year old birthday party.  Prior to the party I was interested in buying tractors (from the Cars movie), but basically what I found was that the tractors are rare and not available unless you want to spend LOTS of money.  Instead of spending the big bucks my dad and I MADE OUR OWN tractors out of clay for his birthday cake.  We made three tractors since Isaiah was turning three!

Also prior to the party we did find an eBay seller with a pretty cool tractor toy.  We found it just a couple days before it was going to close.  There were a couple people making bids, but they were fairly low bids.  We decided what we were willing to pay and then waited until the last hours/minutes to bid.  We won the bid...and only spent 3 dollars over our budget.  The toy was decently expensive, but so worth it since Isaiah LOVES it!

Isaiah was much more interested in unwrapping this year.  He was a very slow and careful in ripping the paper.
Yes, that smile says it all.  He LOVES it!
My getting sleepy boy is checking out how the tractor wheels spin.

Isaiah loves his toy tractor from Mommy and Daddy!
Uncle Dan, Aunt Elise, Campbell, and Greyson got Isaiah a Hungry Caterpillar puzzle.  It was/is a little challenging, but he still really likes it.  We have already taken the caterpillar puzzle in the car a few times.

We enjoyed the puzzle being together for about 5 seconds and then...

Isaiah took the puzzle apart!
Aunt DeAnn gave Isaiah a cool cars rug.  He has already made many cars vroom on it.

Grammy and Grandad got him this new dog...which he wanted to call Scout (like his other singing dog).  We encouraged him to name the dog a different name.  We suggested Shawn (after my cousin who Isaiah just met) and it has stuck.

Nonna and Pops got Isaiah a train set.  He has been asking to build a train for the past several days.  I think this may be something we will have to add more parts to someday.

Grandma and Grandpa got Isaiah a cool magnets board.
Uncle Josh and Aunt Kayla got Isaiah a much loves Tow-Mater pillow pet.  He has been sleeping with it in his crib every night since he got it.

Uncle Lance and Aunt Jolene sent some pretty cool electronic toys that Isaiah has been enjoying.
Thanks family for all the awesome gifts for Isaiah!  He has TONS of new toys to play.
Our family next to the cool tractor cake I made.

 What are you doing Isaiah?  Spinning your cupcake?
 Why yes!
 Look at that!

 I would say he enjoyed his cake and ice cream!

By the end of the party we had one tired little boy!