Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Simple Afternoon Walk

Nonna watched Isaiah at our house today.  When I got home at 12:30 Isaiah was in his highchair and almost finished eating lunch:  peanut butter and jelly, strawberries, and milk.  I joined him and had some lunch myself, but he finished and played toys while Nonna and I visited for a few minutes.  After lunch we said Bye Bye to Nonna.  Isaiah stood at the front window crying until Nonna had driven away and I picked him up. Silly boy loves his Nonna! 

We went upstairs for nap time and read books, sang songs, and cuddled.  He was almost asleep when I carried him from the rocking chair in our room to his crib.  Once I laid him down I too took a nap.  It was much needed!  We both got a good hour and half nap. 

After our nap we had a snack and then I decided we should get out of the house and go for a walk (at least to the mailbox).  I got Isaiah's shoes and sweatshirt on and then I realized it was starting to rain.  I decided to take the stroller so he would stay dry on our walk.  I slipped on my shoes (Crocs, since they were already downstairs) and my rain jacket.  I guess when I left I was kind of thinking I would just walk to the mailbox and then back. 

However, once I was outside and realized how quickly it was to get the mail I decided to walk a little further.  Not too long into the walk I started to notice I was getting wet, but it didn't seem that bad.  I didn't want Isaiah to get wet so I put a blanket (we always keep a blanket in the basket underneath our stroller) over Isaiah's lap so that his pants and shoes that weren't under the stroller cover wouldn't get wet and away we went for our walk.  I remember thinking wow my jacket is really getting wet, but my pants only had splashes of water.  Before long I looked again and noticed the front of my pants are completely soaking wet!  Not too long later in my walk Travis called me to let me know he was leaving work and I realize even my hands were dripping wet so when I answered my phone it ended up getting soaking wet too.  At this point I was heading home from our walk because I was getting too wet!

Even thought I was wet I actually had a lot of fun and Isaiah was happy to be going for a ride (he didn't even know about getting wet or so I thought).   During the walk I kept checking to make sure Isaiah was okay.  For awhile the fleece blanket repelled the water and kept his pants and shoes dry.  However, at one point (almost at home) I checked the blanket and realized water had been soaking in and it was now wet, but Isaiah's pants and shoes were still dry so I figured he was doing fine.  Once we finally got home and I got Isaiah out of the stroller I realized his head was wet and the back seat of the stroller was wet... I guess water leaks/comes in from the back (I wasn't even checking that area).

Here are the aftermath pictures of our adventure walk in the rain:

My soaking wet pants!
Notice all the water build up on my coat... I guess it was raining harder than I realized.
A couple hours after our walk I noticed there was a standing puddle of water underneath the blanket and it was still soaking wet!
Wet stroller that is still drying!  I am thinking I need to invent in a rain shield.
Isaiah with wet hair, but isn't fazed by it and he is still enjoying the rain from inside the house.

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