Friday, May 31, 2013

Happy Birthday Aunt Elise, April 22nd

In the morning Isaiah, Esther, and I went for a walk in the nice weather.  

Isaiah has really started enjoying wearing his sunglasses!  

Esther is still loving napping in the carrier!

We met Elise and the rest of our family for dinner at Red Robin.

Esther wore her party dress... with sunflowers since it is also Earth Day. 

While were were at Red Robin I texted with Aunt Cheryl a bit...she requested photos of our celebration.  The kids were busy being entertained and not too interested in photos.  The Willis boys brought dice for everyone to play with and Campbell also brought his stop and go signs, which Isaiah LOVED!



After dinner at Red Robin we went to Woodhaven Park (a favorite park in Sherwood that we used to go to lots when Nonna and Pops lived in Sherwood).

Aunt Elise decided Esther was big enough to test out the swing...Esther wasn't overly impressed yet.


Isaiah loves this tire swing!  Daddy got him going really fast.

 Esther with the birthday girl...too bad it was sunny and Esther closed her eyes.


Isaiah with the birthday girl...getting ready to sing and do candles!

Isaiah made Aunt Elise a birthday card. 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Isaiah is Learning to Ride a Balance Bike- April 21st

Grandad helped fix up this balance bike for Campbell last summer.  I think Campbell got some use out of it, but he has graduated to a bigger bike now so Elise handed this balance bike down to us to see if we could get Isaiah interested.  Our neighbors have a son and daughter who are both avid balance bike riders.  In fact our neighbors gave us this helmet for Isaiah to use while riding the balance bike.  He is really enjoying riding the bike!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Isaiah Got New Crocs!

Last summer Isaiah LIVED in his Crocs or "orange shoes" as he called them.  So we took Isaiah to the Bridgeport Crocs store and let him pick out a new pair.  He was interested in all the colors, but we finally settled on green shoes!  Check out his cool Crocs bag that he carried all the way to the car... He was so happy and proud of our purchase!


Date Night, April 19th

For Christmas, Travis gave me several gift certificates.  A few of the gift certificates were smaller that I could redeem right away and one was bigger that I would redeem later.  My big gift certificate present was to have a date night and go out to dinner and then to the Chris Tomlin concert.  We rode the Max into downtown and ate at Pastini...YUM!  Then we went to the Rose Garden Arena for the Chris Tomlin concert.  I am not a concert person, but I LOVE Chris Tomlin's music.  It turned out to be amazing because it felt more like a worship service than a concert.  Thanks for the great date night Travis!