Thursday, May 05, 2016

FM Pony and Valentine Cookies with Grandma and Grandpa February 13, 2016

We went to FM for a few groceries, but the store was crazy busy!
 The kids enjoyed the pony and getting a cookie.  

This evening Grandma and Grandpa came over for dinner.  They brought a couple sugar cookies
for the kids to decorate. Esther loved the cookie and frosting.  Isaiah loved just the frosting.

Semi Truck Beads, Costco Trip, Dairy Queen Treat February 11, 2016

Building his semi truck was a two day process, but it turned out awesome!  He loves it.

This evening we went to Costco and had some fun.  

We found a fun yard spinner. We didn't buy it, but we liked it.

Esther had a blast checking out all the different dress options that Costco had to offer.
We didn't buy either of these, but we did possibly find a cute dress for her to wear for Easter.

Today she said, "Oh I could wear this to my yellow wedding!"

Followed by, "Oh I could wear this to my blue wedding!"

While driving to our errands tonight the kids spotted a Dairy Queen.  They really wanted to stop and get a treat.  Since our local DQ is still not open we decided to stop and get a treat after our errands. Both kids loved their ice cream!

Both Kids Are Writing February 10, 2016

Esther made a letter E!

Isaiah wrote using the help of an information template that I found on Pinterest.  

Pigeon Writing and Beads February 9, 2016

Isaiah has been enjoying this writing format. He is also having
fun perfecting his drawings of the pigeon.

Both Isaiah and Esther are liking making things with beads.  We were mostly using the biggie
beads, but both of them have started doing some projects with the smaller Perler beads.  It has
been fun to play and create with them.  Isaiah even designed all the letters from A-Z!

Pigeon Writing and Potty Training Begins February 8, 2016

Aunt Jolene said her class did some opinion writing using the pigeon books so we tried that too. 

Esther's diapers are getting too small so instead of getting the next bigger size I
decided to try potty training her.  So far so good... she is enjoying the treats!  Big
brother is also enjoying eating treats with her when she successfully goes potty!

Shop Vac=CLEAN Garage and Van and Booster Seat for Esther February 6, 2016

We got a shop vac so I started by vacuuming the van.  A clean van meant we put in a booster
seat for Esther. Then I was on a cleaning spree so now the garage looks better too!

Silly Kids at Target February 5, 2016

Evening errands at Target were hilarious.  The kids noticed this clothing item hanging on
a rack and said, "oh, so cozy!" Then I pulled it down so Esther could try it on..  As soon
as she put it on she said, "I'm a chicken!"  She cracks us up!  Isaiah even tested out the
chicken outfit and made some clucking sounds around the clothing area  These kids!

Tonight in the Target toddler girls section Esther was walking around touching almost every dress...."Oh, this is my favorite dress!  I could wear this one to church."  Then she stops at the dress in the picture, "this is my favorite dress and I could wear it when I get married!"  No joke-this girl!