Saturday, January 26, 2013

Last Couple Days of 2012 and First Two Weeks of January (Dec. 29th- Jan. 11th)

Saturday, December 29th
We were healthy...the weather was cold, but not wet so we went for a walk and visited our local park.  Isaiah had a BLAST playing at the playground!  He went down the slide time and time again!  Esther happily stayed warm and slept in the carrier, but I know it won't be long before she too will enjoy running around the park.

After a fun time at the park big brother needed to rest on his baby sister's play mat...ha, he looks HUGE!
Later in the evening we bundled up again, met up with our friends the Daniels, and went for another walk around a close local neighborhood to enjoy the beautiful Christmas lights (unfortunately no pictures were taken).

Sunday, December 30th
We went to church this morning and then came home for lunch.  During lunch we noticed that both kids were  maybe showing early signs of getting sick...bummer maybe two walks the previous day was too much outside time in the cold!  Today is the day that began Esther's sleeping marathon (in hopes of her poor little body being able to overcome her sickness)!

Monday, December 31st
Happy New Year's Eve...we took both kids to the doctor.  Sick, but no huge health concerns (lungs were clear and oxygen levels were good) so we just had to wait out the sickness!  We had to cancel hosting our college roomate/friend annual New Year's Eve dinner and hang out time.  Luckily our friends were still able to get together (at the Sargent's house) and they were kind enough to include us in spirit when they took the yearly group photo-look closely and you can see us (a picture of our family at least).

Tuesday, January 1st
Happy New Year!  Nonna and Pops came to watch the kids for an hour so Travis and I could go out for a quick dinner date and break from being stuck at home with sick kiddos.  We went to Red Hills Market (this was my first experience-Travis has been several times before and has been wanting to take me here for months).  I loved the environment, but I wasn't overly impressed with the food or prices.

Wednesday, January 2nd
Esther's sickness is so sad...she has lost her voice and can hardly cry!  This isn't even the worst sounds she made during her sickness.  I kind of felt bad videoing her, but I also didn't want to forget these memories of her first sickness.

Friday, January 4th
We are continuing to stay home since we are still recovering from sickness.  We are really having to get creative in our entertainment so we brought our blocks upstairs (we normally play with them downstairs).  Isaiah had fun creating this structure and then putting his animals/people figures on and around it.

 Esther is still continuing her sleeping marathon!  I love watching her sleep and all the cute things she does with her hands.

We also entertained ourselves by playing in a large amazon box (that had been delivered a few days earlier with our diapers).  We pretended it was a train and had fun saying things like, all aboard and choo-choo as we moved around the living room!

 Nothing ends a good Friday like a Pops snuggle time.

Saturday, January 5th
Esther is starting to maybe feel a little better and she was awake for a little more time today and wanted to be entertained.

Esther finds bath time very relaxing so it is also a good entertainment for her.  Since she was feeling a tiny bit better today she really enjoyed splashing around (for a whole few minutes before being worn out again).

There was still lots more pajamas and blanket snuggle time today.


Sunday, January 6th
We stayed home from church.  We pulled broccoli cheese soup out of the freezer (thanks Elise) and then Daddy and Isaiah made us some bread for our family dinner. 



Monday, January 7th
Esther had fun watching Isaiah play with his Mack truck this morning.  She is liking laying on the floor a little more each day.  


In the evening Isaiah and I played magnets together.  We had fun building his and Campbell's names.

That evening Isaiah wanted to sleep with Esther's cow burp cloth.  He LOVES the cow burp cloth so much that he holds it/uses it more than it is used for Esther.

Tuesday, January 8th
A day of Nonna snuggles is the best!

Wednesday, January 9th
Holding two kids and reading books is a common mommy task these days.

Brother and sister bonding time!

Trav's work ordered Esther a special blanket with her name on it and it arrived in the mail today.  Thanks A-dec!

Grammy and Grandad came over for a visit so with extra hands it seemed like a perfect time to let Isaiah do a big boy activity.  He had lots of fun showing Grandad all about fizzy paint.  Grammy had lots of fun holding baby Esther.

This evening after Travis got off work I went with Nonna to pick up my Grandma (her mom) from the airport.  We picked her up, had dinner together, and then explored Fabric Depot.  I bought a couple new fabrics to have grandma make me some more awesome receiving blankets.  They are awesome since she makes them so big.

Thursday, January 10th
Esther had some sadness this morning and I got her to calm down by giving her Violet in her swing.

We went to a play date at the Puckett's house and Michaela made sure to feed her baby at the same time I was feeding Esther her bottle.  It was so cute!

Esther got to meet my Grandma this afternoon.

Friday, January 11th
It had been almost two weeks since the sickness began and we ventured out of the house.  Today we had a fun family trip to the mall.  Isaiah enjoyed his first Jamba Juice (leftovers from Mommy and Daddy's treats).