Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Break Vacation!

Last week was spring break for me.  I was very excited to have a whole week of no work and whole week of all Isaiah! 

On Monday morning Isaiah and I made homemade playdough and then took it to daddy's work.  Isaiah had  fun saying "Hi" (and "no", sorry Lindsay he really does like you) to Trav's co-workers.  He also had a good time playing playdough with daddy!  

Cream of Tarter Playdough Recipe

2 cups of plain flour
2 cups of colored water
1 Tbsp. of cooking oil
1 tsp. cream of tartar
1 cup of salt

Place all of the ingredients in a medium size or large pan. Cook slowly on medium-high and stir it until the playdough thickens. Keeps best in the fridge or in a plastic container.

Concentration face, but so cute!

On Tuesday we began our road trip with Nonna.  We left Sherwood, OR around 8am and were heading to Grass Valley, CA.  The purpose of our trip was to go help my Grandma, who just had to have open heart surgery.  Our road trip included several stops which included Cottage Grove (for a second breakfast at McDonalda), Roseburg (for gas), Medford (for lunch at Wendys), and Red Bluff (for dinner at Round Table).  We arrived around 9pm to my grandma's house (however she was not home from the hospital yet).  Once again Isaiah did wonderful on our car trip!

On Wednesday we got ready and then went into town to have donuts at Grandad's favorite donut shop (I remember going to this donut shop with Grandad when I was younger). Since Grammy and Grandad live in OR, close to us now,  we didn't get share the experience with them so we made sure to take a couple pictures of Isaiah eating his donut.  He loved it!  He also loved all the older couples who said hi to him because they thought he was so cute. 

After breakfast we hung out at Grandma's house for a while and then we left the house again around 11:30.  We went to In and Out for lunch and then headed down to Sacramento to visit Grandma in the hospital.  We visited for a little while and then we went to run a few errands.  We tried to go PriceLess, however it had gone out of business.  We also went to Family Christian Bookstore.  Then we meet more of my extended family for dinner at South of the Border, a Mexican restaurant.  After dinner we drove to Auburn, CA and checked into our hotel.

On Thursday we had planned to have a good portion of our day hanging out in the hotel.  We wanted to make sure Isaiah got in a good nap since the last few days hadn't really allowed for great napping conditions.  By early afternoon we knew we needed to venture out for a little while.  We walked around Target for entertainment and went to lunch at Applebee's.  Today also included Isaiah taking a nap, playing on the itouch, playing playdough, and watching the crazy amounts of rain fall. Then around 5:30 we headed to Elk Grove to meet Kristin and Jason and Patti and Jon for dinner at Spaghetti Factory.

 We left Elk Grove around 8pm and drove back to the hotel.  When we got off the freeway we noticed that a gas station looked dark, then as we drove further into town we realized the power must be out.  We got to the hotel and yes the power was out so we made a plan. Travis was going to go into the room and turn on his computer so we would have a little light and then Isaiah and I would go into the room.  He did this and then came to get us, however when we went to go back in the door wouldn't unlock and open.  Back to the car we went and Travis went down to the front office to get help.  Long story, short we had to move rooms without our stuff (or power). However, luckily I had thrown Isaiah's pj's in the diaper bag so we were able to help him get to bed and by midnight we got our stuff and power was back on!

Side Note:  We didn't see Nonna today, because she was busy helping bring Grandma home from the hospital on Thursday.

On Friday we visit La Bou for breakfast(a place we used to go to when we live in CA).  We ordered chocolate croissants, but Isaiah wasn't sure he wanted to eat it.  However, once we told him it was like a waffle he decided it wasn't poison and loved it!  After breakfast we went back to the hotel to move rooms again (yes, again- they had given us an adjoining room the night before, but it was booked for the weekend so we would need to move again).  Then we explore downtown Auburn.  Meet Nonna and Aunt Coleen for lunch at Togo's (a sandwich shop change restaurant that I worked at while I was in high school).  We also had the opportunity to drive the back way (HWY 49) to Shingle Springs and visit with Sandy at Rainbow Land preschool (where Nonna used to teach when we lived in CA).      

 Place Country Museum
 Travis LOVES museums so he was very excited to take Isaiah to a Free museum!
 Checking out a carousel horse...he had a difficult time not touching the horse!
 A camel carousel - picture taken in honor of my good friend Emily!
 Isaiah enjoying looking at the museums artifacts.
 Daddy and Isaiah listening to museum info on phones!

 Mommy and Isaiah at the museum

This is the lake view from behind my old house in Shingle Springs (this was taken for you pops)

On Saturday we met more of my extended family for pizza at Round Table.  Then we went shopping for a few items for Grandma.  Next, we drove to Nevada City, but Isaiah fell asleep so we didn't get out and explore.  We got frozen yogurt after Isaiah's car nap.  We also enjoyed seeming more extended family and eating dinner at Grandma's house.    

 Uncle Dan
 Nonna and Makenna
 Aunt Coleen and Makenna
 Shopping for Grandma at Kmart- one of my least favorite stores!  (This picture is for you Grammy!)
 Spinning cups with cody...cody was super impressed with Isaiah's skills!
 Aunt Coleen and Isaiah
Daddy and Isaiah
 Isaiah eating a late (2nd dinner) in the hotel on Saturday evening.
 Nonna stayed one night in our hotel on Saturday evening so we could get up early on Sunday morning to drive home.  Isaiah loved having Nonna to climb on before bed!

On Sunday we got up early and were back in the car  by 7am to drive home.  
 Isaiah yawning as he woke up Sunday morning.
Amazingly, even with an early morning wake up he was happy and in a good mood!

Somehow the drive home is never as exciting as the drive to a vacation.  Again we made several stops (but honestly those are now a blur just a few days later) and finally reached home at 7pm.  It was great to be home and Isaiah was excited to see his pops!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Isaiah is Growing!

A couple nights ago we switched Isaiah into his 3t pjs!

Magnet Fun

Yesterday, Isaiah had fun playing with our magnets...I guess we have a new way of spelling our last name! 

First Injury

Unless I am having bad Mommy memory, I think we just experienced our first injury with Isaiah on Thursday.  We were at my parents house.  We were in the process of getting ready to go home and Travis was loading up the car.  I was inside with Isaiah watching him run back and forth between the front door and where the toys were all sprawled out on the floor.  During one of the running back and forth times he tripped over a toy and fell forward and hit his face on the wood floor.  He started crying right away.  I was close enough to quickly pick him up and see that he was bleeding from his mouth area.  My parents tried to help by getting a wet cloth and ice.  Isaiah of course didn't really want us to touch it or look at it.  However, we quickly realized that the injury was his lip split open so we kind of just let it be and let him calm down the rest of the way without us bugging his lip. 

I tried to take a picture of it yesterday, but none of the pictures were really showing the injury.  Oh well, it is kind of gross anyways.  I hope my poor baby's lip heals quickly.  We are so thankful that he made it this long without other injuries and honestly a fat lip as a first injury isn't too bad either!


I Am Trying To Blog But....


 as you can tell I have a little helper... that LOVES Mommy's letters on my computer!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Today when Nonna was leaving our house Isaiah was waving and saying goodbye at the front window.  However, as she was leaving he got a little distracted by his boots, which were also by the front window.  He LOVES his boots!  And without missing a beat he said "boots" and began to step into his boots and put his boots onto his feet all by himself.  He did it too!  The boots were on the wrong feet, but he put them on all on his own doing.  I was very proud of my little dude.  I tried to take a couple pictures, but he was on the none of them turned out great.  Oh well, still fun to remember the first time Isaiah put his own shoes on...what a big boy!

It is a little difficult to see in the picture, but the left boot is on the right foot and the right boot is on the left foot.  Oops!
Not sure why he grabbing his shirt...but check out his boots!  I think he was still pretty proud of himself.
Obviously, he put on his own boots as his pants are mashed up above the boots instead of nicely tucked inside the boots.  Ha!

2nd Chance, and Not Any Better!

Can you tell what I gave a 2nd chance?  Yes, our new local Grocery Outlet.  Yesterday, after school I swung into Grocery Outlet to pick up some sour cream.  Today we were celebrating our classified staff at school by having a potato bar lunch-in.  I figured since I only needed one item (sour cream) I would just get it for cheap at Grocery Outlet.  I figured sour cream was a pretty normal grocery item so no problem.... 
Wait?  This isn't a picture of sour cream!  Why, you ask...because Grocery Outlet didn't have a light sour cream.  I can't say they didn't have ANY sour cream, which I wish I could say, but I can say they didn't have the HEALTHY option for sour cream.  So I wasn't able to accomplish my one task of swinging in to Grocery Outlet to pick up sour cream.  Well, since I already stopped at this store and we had liked this frozen pineapple I didn't want to completely waste the trip so I picked up a couple bags of frozen pineapple, which was yummy again in our smoothie I made last night.

The point though is that I had to later go to my trusted Safeway in the evening to pick up the light sour cream!

The sour cream did not disappoint as it was delicious at the potato bar lunch-in this afternoon!  I am so grateful we have wonderful classified staff to celebrate today (and all week).  They all do an amazing job within our school!

Monday, March 07, 2011

New Light Fixture

When shopping at Costco earlier this week we saw a light fixture we liked.  We decided to buy it (only 50 dollars-what a deal!).  We (Travis) installed the new light fixture this weekend.  We are really enjoying it!

Friday, March 04, 2011

Waking Up After Naps

Isaiah has many different ways he wakes up from naps...

Sometimes he is sad and crying for me  and when I go in wants me to hold and cuddle him.

Sometimes he is sad and when I go in he is fine and wants down to play toys.

Sometimes he is happy and wants to get up right away.

Sometimes he is happy but wants to stay in his crib and "play" or "talk".

The other day he woke up pretty happily and continued to "play/talk" in his crib for awhile after I went into his room.  Some of what he is doing/saying doesn't make any sense, but I loved watching him continue to wake up!

March 3rd, Dr. Seuss' Birthday

On Dr. Seuss' Birthday our friend D came over to have dinner and hang out for a little while his parents were busy in Portland.  We asked him if he wanted green eggs and ham (which we read at school this morning), but I guess he already had that for lunch at his school.  So we didn't go to the trouble, but we did have a fun breakfast dinner.  I made yummy fun shaped biscuits.

Isaiah enjoying his smoothie and biscuit.
D enjoying his biscuit with jam.
Travis getting to ready to eat dinner...
This was his version of the dinner (biscuits with gravy).
   And this was my version of the breakfast dinner... and how could I not play with my fun food! 

Isaiah's favorite Dr. Seuss book right now is the Foot Book...maybe someday soon I can get a recording of him reading this book.  He has already memorized a good portion of the book!

I hope everyone had a great day of celebrating this amazing author!  What is your favorite Dr. Seuss book?