Sunday, August 29, 2010

Plant Removal

We have a HUGE plant right next to our driveway.  We have asked our homeowners about switching the current plant for something smaller, but alas nothing has ever happened.  Typically the plant gets HUGE and the gardener's cut it way back (so it looks stupidly small) and then before you know it, the plant is HUGE again!  It has been a vicious cycle that we were ready to end.  Therefore, we decided to ignore our homeowners lack of response and taken action into our own hands and remove the HUGE plant.  I made sure to document all our hard work getting this plant out of our yard!
Step 1:  Shovel in ground
Step 2:  Put your weight into it!
Step 3:  Repeat step 1 with more weight onto the shovel!
Step 4:  Eventually, we got the HUGE plant out of the ground...feeling proud of our hard work!

Step 5:  Carrying the HUGE plant with victory to the yard debris trash can.

Enjoying His Small Library

On Saturday morning while I was dealing with the huge zucchini, Isaiah was busy enjoying his small library of books.
Look what my son can do...yep, read 5 books at one time!
Isaiah is very happy to entertain himself by reading books.  He does this on a regular basis.
I was experimenting this new setting I recently found and taking pictures of my sweet boy reading and enjoying his books.  I hope he always has a love for reading!

Garden Producing...

Earlier this week I asked Travis if we had anything ready to pick in our garden. He said no, and I believed him. Well, Friday morning I went out to the garden to see what was and wasn't producing and here is what I found...
I believe these zucchini were in the garden earlier this week when Travis looked because they are too huge not to have been growing for awhile.  I don't normally let my zucchini get this large because I think they are easier to use and taste best when you keep them smaller, like you buy at the store.

Well, since I had these two huge zucchinis I had to do something, so Saturday morning this is what I did...
Always good to take an artistic shot while doing chores!
13 cups later, my chore was done.  Now, I have lots of zucchini frozen and ready to be put into muffins, cakes, meatloaf, etc.

Moving Kelsey into College

My cousin Kelsey just moved into her dorm at University of Portland and I got to help!  I don't know how much help I ended up being, but I did become the photographer for the day.  Here are a few photos from move in day. 
  Aunt DeAnn unpacking the vacuum cleaner... Kelsey was overly prepared!
Rain boots...must be moving to OR from CA.
We filled the hallway with lots of Kelsey's tubs!
Aunt DeAnn and Kristin bringing in Kelsey's fridge.

Aunt Cheryl and sister Kristin hanging out in the hallway while Kelsey and roomate Kristin decide how to arrange the furniture.
Kelsey and her new roomate Kristin before most of the unpacking began.
 Still smiling!
I helped make her bed so when I was done putting the zip around mattress protector, foam pad, pillow top mattress cover, fitted sheet, flat sheet, fleece blanket, comforter one, comforter two, and throw and pillows all on her bed I thought it deemed picture worthiness!  
Kelsey sure looked comfy!
The desk was a good dumping grounds while we unpacked...but it got pretty messy quick!
Kelsey trying to organize the mess we made on her desk.

I had fun moving my little cousin into college.  I already want to go up and visit her again and see the finished product!  I have texted her a couple of times and know she is doing well.  She is taking her vitamins that we put in the top drawer and she is wearing BOTH pairs of slippers around the dorm.  I still need to check the status of if she has worn all THREE pairs of black flats yet.  I LOVE YOU KELSEY!  Enjoy your first year of college.

Almost Forgot to Document...

Isaiah got ANOTHER hair cut!  In the four months of him being home this was hair cut # 3. Aunt Elise cut Isaiah's hair again... and he got to eat a chocolate chip cookie too!  This time we did the hair cut at Nonna and Pop's house so Nonna was there to help entertain Isaiah and I could get a few photos of Aunt Elise cutting Isaiah's hair. 

Isaiah didn't seem to mind getting his hair cut.  He was a very good boy and we love his shorter hair!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Another Vegetable Travis Doesn't Like

This is one of many board books at Nonna's house.
Recently the Ayres family was in OR dropping my cousin Kelsey off at college.  Kristin and Aunt Cheryl were reading this look and skeptical of some of the vegetables included in the book.
This is a vegetable we had never heard of before this book.  However, we noticed a vendor at the Sherwood Saturday Market was selling them.  Uncle Chuck decided to buy one so we could all try it.

Nonna cooked vegetable marrow for dinner for us.  It is supposed to be very similar to zucchini.  The man the sold us the marrow at the Saturday Marker gave us some directions about how to cook the vegetable.  Nonna filled the marrow with a meatball mixture.  I thought it was pretty good, but I think I like zucchini better.

Travis said he liked the meatball mixture better than the vegetable.  Surprise, Surprise!  Another vegetable Travis wasn't fond of and didn't end up finishing from his plate.

Name Puzzle

Just recently my grandma ordered and sent Isaiah a name puzzle.
Working hard to fit the "A"
Nicely fitting the "I"

Did Isaiah fool you in the last couple of pictures?  He really hasn't mastered this name puzzle (yet) because it is a little hard to manipulate so typically this is what the puzzle looks like when Isaiah is working with it. 
I was experimenting with different camera settings while Isaiah was studying a puzzle piece.  I love that he is so observant and inquisitive about his surrounds. 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Newport Aquarium

On Monday, after my allergy shots we headed to the coast.  My grandparents and Aunt DeAnn went too (but in another car).  Our first stops were in town (Newberg).  Travis and I got coffee while the other car got gas, then I ran something by the school district, and then we were on our way.  Our next stop was at the Lincoln City Outlets for a quick bathroom break (I needed it the most...since I don't drink coffee on a regular basis).  Then we went to Mo's for lunch and finally off to the Newport Aquarium. 

I am telling Isaiah to wave hello to the fish.
Looking at fish!
Hanging out with Grandad on his birthday!
Daddy and Isaiah watching sharks
I think Isaiah was saying...please don't feed me to sharks Daddy.
Hanging out with Aunt DeAnn and being wiggly
Grandad, Isaiah, and I with the jellyfish
Isaiah's first touch pool experience
Isaiah did a great job being careful
Grammy, Isaiah, and I enjoying Swapland at the Aquarium
I think Isaiah had more fun at the Newport Aquarium then he did the zoo.  Hopefully, we will be back to both places again before he turns 3 and we have to pay for admittance. 

A Not so Perfect Way to Start a Monday Morning

Monday of this week I began my allergy shots.  I went to Kaiser first thing Monday morning so that I could get it over with and then enjoy the rest of the day with Travis (who had taken the day off) and Isaiah.  I found out that I have to pay $5.00 every time I go in to get my allergy shots.  I also found out I have to get 2 shots (one in my right arm and one in left arm each time).  The shots didn't hurt too bad and I didn't have any reactions.    
No reaction on the right arm
No reaction on the left arm

Right now I am going in twice a week to get allergy shots.  I can either go Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday.  I picked Monday/Thursday as my schedule.  And since I am behind on my blogging (and it is already Thursday) I will let you know that I went in for my 2 shots this afternoon and again no reactions.  Yeah, that means I can keep increasing the dose and making progress!  One week of allergy shots down, and only 3 to 6 more years to go...ah, not a good thought.