Saturday, June 29, 2013

Esther's First Bubble Bath and Owl Game with Grammy- April 29th

Isaiah wanted Esther to take a bath with him AND he wanted it to be a bubble bath!

Isaiah is starting to like playing board games.  He is finally enjoying playing Hoot Owl Hoot! that Grammy and Grandad got him for Christmas.  He was excited to teach Grammy how to play!

Willis House- April 30th

Campbell was a big boy and fed Esther her whole bottle!
Isaiah and Greyson had fun in the backyard playing dirt and dump truck!


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Zoo- April 28th

We made sure to pack in a lot of fun on Sunday too.  We went to church, ate lunch, then headed to the zoo to see animals, and Voodoo Doughnuts for a snack, and then home again for a late dinner! 

Esther is such an awesome go with the flow baby girl!  She did wonderful today on our busy adventure day.

This was Esther's first Max train ride!  
And Kristin and I were trying to look cool/be cheesy with our Starbucks coffee in hand.

Isaiah was waiting for his turn to ride the train.  The doors train as he likes to call it.  He thinks it so silly how the doors open and close so much.  

Kristin and Isaiah were excited to be at the Zoo! 

The Great Northwest bears were climbing today!

We showed Kristin the eagles.

Isaiah enjoyed the fountain...he looked at it, he touched the water, and he didn't want to leave!


He went down the tree trunk slide...which he normally wants to skip.

The cougar was really close to the windows today.

Sitting in the tractor seats at the Zoo!

Driving the tractor.

Enjoying riding the wooden horses in the barn.

 We even got to show Kristin the new baby elephant...Lily.

Kristin by the zebra. She liked him.

Isaiah watching the giraffe.

After we finished exploring the Zoo we rode the train to Voodoo Doughnuts.  Neither Travis or I had been to Voodoo Doughnuts, but we have wanted to go and knew it was a Portland experience Kristin needed to experience!  I can't believe we waited in line for an hour!  They were good doughnuts, but I'm not sure it was worth it.  We had fun visiting and laughing at weird Portland while we waited though.

There were even homeless (?) people asking for doughnuts...and people were giving them doughnuts...this particular guy got a bunch (even though he had a nice looking cell phone)...crazy Portland!

We even had some music to entertain us...

Finally we reached the doors, placed our order, and then enjoyed the deliciousness!

Yes, he is giving the doughnut box a hug!

So Travis and Kristin were BORING and got an apple fritter and maple bar.  We picked an M&M (treats) doughnut for Isaiah and I was adventuresome and got their crazy Voodoo Doll- chocolate bar filled with raspberry.

We had a great time eating our doughnuts!  Then a quick walk back to the train and we headed home with tired feet.  Isaiah was really bonding well with Kristin by this point...they were so cute as they walked hand in hand.

During our evening at home Kristin attempted to get a few more cute photos of her and the kids...they cooperated pretty well so I was jealous and wanted cute pictures with my babies!