Thursday, February 28, 2013

Valentine's Day!

Esther's first ESCAPE ARTIST moves!

Happy Valentine's Day!  Esther could and probably should have worn her heart jumper dress today, but I just discovered this skirt from Aunt Kayla borrowed hand-me-downs and I LOVED it so much that I wanted Esther to wear it today for our play date.  Esther thought it was fun to wear a ruffle skirt that her hands could reach because that meant she had a built in toy to play with all day.


Esther has started to be more vocal and enjoys talking to us.  However, as you will see whenever I try to video her adorable talking that's when she decides she isn't interested to continue.

We went to the Puckett's house for a play date.  Isaiah painted Michaela and Lily a card and brought fruit snacks to share with his friends!  They were all happy about the fruit snacks.

After dinner this evening we let Isaiah have some of his chocolate Valentine Dog from Aunt Jolene and Uncle Lance.  He loved his special treat.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Esther's First Time in the Bumbo Seat

On Wednesday, February 13th (just a week shy of being 3 months) Esther tested out her Bumbo Seat. She sat in it several times that first day and overall I think she liked it!  Isaiah thinks it is pretty cool too!

When Isaiah came home we took tons of pictures of us feeding him a bottle, but just recently I realized we don't have many pictures of us feeding Esther a bottle.  She is a good eater!  She likes to eat 4 oz every 3 hours during the day (approximately 24 oz throughout the day) and then sleep solid during the night!  We are so blessed.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pops Photo Shoot

We still are in need of a good family of 4 photo to print and frame in our house so we requested Pop's photography skills.  The plan was that on Monday, February 11th, after dinner we would have Pops come over for a short photo shoot.  However, the kids just weren't seeming in the best of moods and I feared the photo shoot was going to be a flop, but we had also told Isaiah that Pops was coming to visit and if Pops didn't come that would be a bummer too.  So the plans changed and we decided not to do family photos today, but that Pops would still come over and bring his camera and just do some casual shots and attempt to take some Esther feature shots so that I could try making something I had seen and liked on Pinterest.  

Our big boy relaxing on the couch.

The boys enjoy playing piano together!


Esther was in a sleepy mood this evening, but we still got a few eyes open shots.

Isaiah thinks Pop's photo assistant, Nonna, is pretty awesome!


My wonderful children and I...too bad Esther is covered in a bunch of silly was because we had been working on taking pictures of her features. I am not posting any of the features pictures yet, but when the end product is done I will post it.

 Here are a few more open eye pictures that won't be used in my special features project.

Thank goodness Pops lives close, is flexible with his photo shoot schedule, and is FREE!  Even though our plans changed he was still able to capture some great shots and we have already had another photo of 4 photos were taken and I think we got one that will work!