Saturday, September 17, 2011

Visit With Ruthie

Last night my college roomate Emily's sister, Ruthie (who is now a student at George Fox University) came to dinner at our house.  It was so much fun having Ruthie over for dinner and an evening of playing and socializing! 

Isaiah ended up taking a late nap yesterday and woke up around 5pm.  He was sad and in a little bit of a funk so I game him a quick snack and then we went to pick up Ruthie.  Isaiah was glad to ride in Mommy's car, but he did say no Ruthie on the drive to get her.  Isaiah wasn't so sure about Ruthie riding in our car and got super sad when she got in and said hello to him.  However, after we returned home he warmed up really well to Ruthie and they quickly became best friends. 

We enjoyed a yummy dinner of enchilada casserole and then Isaiah captured Ruthie and made her draw all kinds of fun things... police cars, trains, buses, helicopters, shapes, letters, etc.  If Ruthie wasn't sure she wanted to major in social could be another good option.  Isaiah thought Ruthie was an amazing artist.  In fact this morning he woke up still talking about drawing helicopters. 

We had a great visit with Ruthie!  We will have to hang out again soon.

Trip to Puyallup

Last weekend we went to Puyallup to attend a memorial service for a family member on Travis' side of the family.  Travis had the honor of singing two songs by Mercy Me at the service.  He sang "Homesick" as a duet with his sister and "I Can Only Imagine."  Isaiah and I spent most of the service in the atrium and the highlight for Isaiah was hearing Daddy sing.  His favorite song was "Imagine".  In fact most of the car ride up and back we listened to a LOT of "Imagine"!

After the memorial service we drove to Bothell and spent the night in a hotel.  Isaiah enjoyed swimming in the hotel pool.  However, his favorite part of the hotel stay was the ELEVATOR!  We rode the elevator many times in our short stay.

On Sunday morning we drove to Mill Creek to see my friend Leia (from Jr. High/High School), her husband Jason, and her new baby Cambrynn.  I can't believe it, but somehow both Leia and I forgot to take pictures when we were together so I had to steal a picture off Leia's facebook.  Luckily Leia took a picture on the same day we visited just later in the this was the outfit Cambrynn was in when I got to meet her...and she is so cute.  I had fun holding her for almost an hour!  It was great to catch up with friends.

Ride at the Mall

Isaiah got to ride/test out flying at helicopter at the mall.  Here is the picture proof that he LOVED it!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Weekend in Madras

We went to visit Grandma and Grandpa in Madras August 26-28.  It was a HOT and SMOKEY weekend, but we still had a great time!

On Saturday morning we took Isaiah to a couple of parks.  One park that we visited was a park that Daddy used to go to when he was a boy.  Isaiah liked checking out the new parks, but the adults (and Isaiah) got hot pretty quickly and we knew the afternoon would be in the sun so we didn't last long.

All these pictures were taken at the second park - a newer park that Travis didn't play at as a kid.

After lunch we headed to the Air Show.  We started out by sitting in the straight sun (where you could see the show really well), but that didn't last long.  We eventually found a nice spot to view most of the the Air Show under an air plane wing.

It was still pretty hot even in the shade.  We drank a LOT of water and ate some ice cream to help with the heat!
Isaiah had fun watching the air planes even though the Air Show was during his nap time.  He did finally fall asleep about 10 minutes before we left the Air Show.
When something really cool was happening we ventured away from the shade to watch.

Grandma and Grandpa bought Isaiah a toy air plane that looks kind of like this cool yellow plane!

Since it was such a warm weekend we tried to go to Eagle Crest to go swimming, but thunder storms closed the pools early. 

Sunday we went to church, had lunch together and visited before heading home again.  We had a great visit and enjoyed our time with Grandma and Grandpa! 

Extended Family Beach Weekend

Oops... I am behind in my blogging again! 

My extended family went to the Lincoln City from August 20-23.  We stayed in a huge beach house, but somehow I neglected taking any pictures of the house.  

The day we got there (Saturday) was the warmest, but fairly windy.  It was a perfect day to fly kites on the beach.  Isaiah loved helping fly the kite, but he called it, "riding the kite"! 

 We also had fun writing Isaiah, Mommy, and Daddy in the sand.

Isaiah loved his toddler blow up air mattress.  He was also very worn out after lots of fun on the beach!  After Isaiah wen to bed some of the adults went back to the beach for a bonfire and smores.   

On Sunday we went to the Lincoln City Outlet Malls.  We also went down to the beach again.  Isaiah had fun playing with Pops and Mommy!  We dug a hole, we put rocks in the whole, we buried the rocks, we dug the rocks out again, Isaiah stood in the hole....all kinds of fun!

Nonna had fun laying with baby Greyson.

Here are a few family pictures.

After all the fun on the beach and in the sand...bath time was a necessity!  Cousin bath time drew a crowd!

Thanks Grammy and Grandad for renting the beach house and letting us all enjoy a great weekend away!