Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Shoes, Saturday Market, Campbell's 2nd Birthday Party

We bought Isaiah new Nike tennis shoes at Fred Meyer a couple weeks ago, but he hadn't worn them yet until today.  He LOVED his new shoes.  On our drive to the Saturday Market he studied his shoes for most of the drive.  He even found the cool Nike swoosh on the bottom on his shoes!

We enjoyed walking around Saturday Market this morning.  We took Grammy (who is here for the next month) with us and viewed many cool different booths.  We didn't take any pictures, I guess nothing jumped out as a photo opportunity.  We didn't buy anything either.  We did have a good time though! 

This evening we celebrated Campbell's 2nd birthday.  We had yummy BBQ steak for dinner, played outside, opened presents, and ate Dairy Queen cake.  Here are a few pictures from the evening...

 These are the two presents we got Campbell.  A puzzle and a book!
Playing with his new puzzle.

  Nonna and Pops gave Isaiah a present today too... he got musical drums!

We also celebrate Aunt DeAnn's birthday too!
Nonna and Pops gave Campbell a puzzle too.  Pops is making the construction truck drive on Campbell.  He thought that was very silly!
Isaiah thought Campbell got some pretty cool toys for his birthday.  The boys did a pretty good job sharing even thought the toys were new.
Great Grammy and Grandad gave Campbell a really cool truck.
 Isaiah thought the truck was pretty cool too.  Campbell was okay letting Isaiah play with the truck until he realized all that the truck could do (drive on hardwood and break lights come on when it stops) and then he wasn't really interested in sharing the toy.

Pop's Work Picnic

On Friday we went to Pop's work picnic (he wanted to show off both of his grandsons).  The picnic was at OAKS park, but we didn't do any of the rides (since we are headed to Disneyland this coming week).  The boys enjoyed playing in the open grass fields before listening and clapping during the awards ceremony and eating their yummy potluck lunch.

Here are some pictures from the day... 
They had a few planned games for the kids... one of the games was a seek in find for toys in a big pile of hay.  Neither of the boys were interesting playing the game, but a nice lady was walking around handing out some extra toys.  Both boys got a ball!
They each got a basket too!
Isaiah thought the baskets were like cups and just wanted to turn them over within the grass-silly boy!
Isaiah and Pops
Isaiah and Nonna
Isaiah, Nonna, Campbell, and Pops
Necklace Frisbee anyone?
Campbell had fun putting the Frisbee on and off Pops
During the awards ceremony Campbell enjoyed wearing his Mommy's sunglasses and drawing on the paper table clothes.  Isaiah was too busy clapping during the awards ceremony to need "other" entertainment.

It was nice to meet many of the people Pop's works with every day.  We had a fun time at the picnic!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Visit to the Allergist

I grew up in CA and had no allergies.  I attended college in OR and had no allergies.  I graduated and moved to ID and had no allergies.  I got married and moved back to OR and now I HAVE ALLERGIES!

My allergies have been progressively getting worse within the last couple of years.  In late June I visited my regular doctor to talk to her about additional options.  My doctor prescribed Allegra (a new allergy medicine), different eye drops, Prednisone (for a week), and she recommended I go see the allergist doctor.

I scheduled an appointment to see the allergist (for today, 7-28).  However, in July I was still having serious bad allergies so I went to the doctor again and got another round of Prednisone (for a week, but double the dose). 

So today, my visit to the allergist finally arrived.  Travis had recently gone to the allergist so I thought I had a pretty good idea of what to expect.  I wasn't overly hopeful that there would be a solution at the end of the appointment, but I thought it was worth a try.

After talking with the doctor about all of my symptoms and my family history it was time to do the skin tests.  I was a little nervous but figured it couldn't be too bad.  I went into another room and had to hold my arms still on a pillow and gets lots of little scrapes. Then I had to sit for 15 minutes and not itch my arms, which was a little difficult.  Then the doctor came back in and looked to see if I had a reaction or not to the specific scrape.  Notice I am still doing ok (smiling still) at this point.
Ah, my arms itch!

Check out those beautiful reactions!  Yes, I am allergic to GRASS!

Well, I definitely tested positive and allergic to grass, but most of the other weeds and trees ended up being negative.  When the doctor saw and heard this he didn't think that could be right.  So he ordered a level 2 round of testing.  He wanted to inject the allergens under my skin and then see how I responded.  Yes, check out my arm I had to have TWENTY injections!  Ah, I didn't sign up for this, did I?  Thank goodness Travis was with me as I needed to squeeze his hand during most of the injections.  They stung quite a bit.  Well, the level 2 round of testing did the trick... Yes, I am allergic to EVERYTHING in OREGON!  I tested positive for weeds, trees, CATS, and DUST MITES!  I was glad I didn't test positive for dogs... yeah, we get to keep Sophie (don't worry we weren't going to get rid of her even if I was allergic).  Being allergic to cats kind of surprised me, since I have never noticed a huge reaction, but it was one of the last bumps on my arms to go away (hours after the testing was over).  And being allergic to dust mites is just gross!  Now, we have to buy special dust mite covers for our bedding...oh good, more money to spend!  It better help me feel better. 

So what do I do now... ALLERGY SHOTS!  The doctor said I am a perfect candidate for allergy shots.  Well, since life with allergies is miserable I am going to attempt the process.  The process of allergy shots can take 3 to 6 years.  I am not overjoyed about the prospect of getting shots two times a week for a month an half, but hopefully they will help me feel better.

Playdate with our Neighbors

Taylor and Sam came over to play on Tuesday.  It was so fun to have a playdate with another boy!  Sam is just a couple months older than Isaiah.  Taylor (who is going into 3rd grade) was such a good big sister and friend.  She did an excellent job reading to both of the boys.  I think everyone had a good time.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Last Class for the Summer

Travis had his last MBA class for the summer tonight.  The month of August is his vacation from school.  He is very excited to have a break from homework and Isaiah and I are excited to actually get to see Daddy more!

This last class he has been working on was a marketing class.  He and his group mates were working on designing a new product to take to market.  Their product was an environmentally friendly version of LEGO/DUPLO.  The product was going to be called the JORD.  He and his group mates have put a lot of time and energy into this project.  One piece of the project they created was an advertisement that could go into a magazine.  Here is what they came up... I am very impressed and could totally see this in my Family Fun magazine.  Nice work group!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Campbell!

My nephew Campbell turned 2 today!  We haven't gotten to celebrate his birthday with him yet, but I wanted to give a special shout out to him on his birthday since he and his mommy look at my blog almost every morning! 

Campbell you are a very special boy to your Aunt Kalina, Uncle T and Cousin Isaiah.  Since you know how to count to five we will give you five things we love about you... 

1)We love your gentle hugs and sweet kisses
2)We love your contagious giggle when we tickle and play rough
3)We love your willingness to share with Isaiah
4)We love your inquisitive mind for numbers and letters
5)We love your routine family role calls making everyone feel special

My sister took this picture- Campbell eating his birthday chocolate muffin/cake for breakfast!

We love you lots Campbell!  We can't wait to celebrate your birthday with you.  You are such a BIG BOY (and no you aren't a baby- don't even try and say it, you silly)!

Dinner with Grandma and Grandpa

While we were driving to Sauvie Island Grandma and Grandpa Morgan called us and asked if they could visit us.  They told us they needed to do some shopping and they could either go to Bend (and not see us) or go to Portland (and see us).  We choose for them to drive to Portland and see us! 

After picking raspberries at Sauvie Island we met Grandma and Grandpa Morgan at Clackamas Mall.  The timing ended up working perfectly.  We ran a few shopping errands with Grandma and Grandpa and then we went to dinner at Claim Jumper.  

Grandpa feeding Isaiah applesauce for dinner.
Grandpa being silly with Isaiah and trying to get him to rest and lay down during dinner... Isaiah just patted Grandpa's arm. 
Isaiah with Grandma and Grandpa Morgan
Grandma let Isaiah play with a sugar packet, and he thought that was pretty cool.  He played with it so carefully that he didn't even break it open and make a mess! 

Thanks for calling us Grandma and Grandpa Morgan.  It was great to see you!

Raspberry Picking with Isaiah

We have been trying to have at least one family outing each weekend.  This weekend included visiting Sauvie Island.  Travis tried to take us to a cool beach spot to eat our lunch, but he couldn't ever find it.  We finally ended up at...

...and enjoyed our picnic lunch at the farm.  Lunch was late so Isaiah was pretty hungry and we didn't bother getting the camera out.
After lunch we hiked out to the raspberry fields to pick some yummy fresh fruit.  Isaiah enjoyed the ride in the carrier on the way out to the fields.   
The raspberry fields were past this huge 100 year old oak tree.  On the way to the raspberry fields we noticed how cool and shady it was underneath the tree, but we didn't quite appreciate the tree until we were on our way back from picking berries.
Our sweet boy running in the raspberry fields.
Isaiah had a great time exploring the rougher terrain.  He did really well tackling the different textured grounds especially since when he first came home he wouldn't move when placed on grass. 
Mommy and Isaiah carrying our berry buckets.  Why is Isaiah's bucket upside down?  I guess he didn't quite get the picking berries deal.
Poor baby boy with dark black hair... he got super sweaty especially fast today.  He never complained though, he was having such a good time.  We are so proud of our baby boy!  He does great on all our family outings and adventures.
After the hike back from the raspberry fields we took a quick drink break.  He appreciated the shade of our car trunk.
Silly Mommy and Isaiah... enjoying some cold water together!

Mixing Cereal

This post is for Pops.... who loves to eat mixed cereal!
Isaiah wanted to let his Pop's know that on Saturday morning he had Cheerios and Honey Bunches of Oats cereal mixed on his highchair tray!  He hopes his Pops is proud of him.

Girlfriends Playdate

On Thursday morning Isaiah's girlfriends came over.  Sarah, Brook, and I (the Mommy's) have been trying to do a Mommy playdate at least once a week throughout the summer.  This week the playdate ended up being at our house.  It was fun to host everyone- especially since all the kids did something "special" while at our house!

This picture doesn't show the "special thing" that Lilly did, but I didn't capture her special moment on camera so this will have to do since it is a cute photo.  Lilly was such a big girl at our house because she had a few seconds of sitting up on her own!

Michaela's "special thing" was that she crawled up onto our first step all by herself.  While at our house she also pulled herself up on our toy box and then let go to show us a toy and she stood there by herself for a few seconds before holding back on.

Unfortunately, Isaiah loves to move so his "special thing" picture is blurry.  Isaiah has learned how to push the glow worm all by himself.  Now he can listen to the wonderful music without Mommy or Daddy by his side.  He loves swaying to the music!

Isaiah loves his new pelican toy from Becky and Dave.  He was trying to show the girls how the pelican can open and close, which is one of his favorite games to play right now.
Lilly had a snack and then it was time for her nap.
Michaela enjoying snack time at our house.
Isaiah enjoying snack time too!  Thanks for making/sharing the yummy banana muffins Brook!  We can't wait to get your recipe.

Meeting Friends at the Park

Last Wednesday Isaiah and I met Karen (my teaching partner from a couple years ago when I taught at Joan Austin) and Grant (her son) at Snyder Park in Sherwood.  Karen had seen Isaiah only one other time when Joan Austin did a small shower for us in early June (just a month after being home).  It was so fun for me to show Karen how much Isaiah is becoming more comfortable around us.  We enjoyed a yummy picnic lunch and lots of great visiting.  Thanks for such a great visit friend!    
Isaiah had fun sitting on these large rocks and clapping!
Isaiah let Karen hold him a couple of (short) times.
Isaiah loves clapping (yes, that is what he is doing in this photo) so much that holding onto the playground equipment isn't a priority yet!
Grant, Karen, and Isaiah enjoying the playground!