Friday, October 29, 2010

Mini Vaca

Last weekend we went to Oceanside with the Sargent family and Puckett family.  We rented an amazing house from friends of the Sargents.  The weather was not the greatest (super rainy and stormy) but we didn't let the weather stop us from enjoying our weekend!  We had a lot of fun spending time with some close friends.

Here are several pictures of the amazing house that I didn't take, but that were included on the flier we received before going on our vacation.

The front of the house (minus the huge rain puddles we experienced while at the beach house).
Huge kitchen- where we made lots of yummy food!

Wonderful table where we ate meals and played games together.
A large family room where the boys (actually everyone but me and the kids) played lots of Wii.
Sargent room
Puckett room
Our room

 Here are a few pictures that we took throughout the mini vacy weekend!

Josh and Sarah made us a yummy breakfast on Saturday morning called:  french toast surprise.  It consisted of french toast bread (with swirls of maple in the bread), a layer of cream cheese,  then another piece of delicious bread all battered and cooked, and then topped with syrup and powered sugar.  It was delicious!
 The boys playing a competitive game on the Wii.  Notice Isaiah even found himself in the action.
 I loved his smile!
 We brought puzzles for Isaiah to play with , but he happily shared with Michaela.
 Michaela was working hard to figure out the puzzles.
 The kids had lots of fun playing together.
 Saturday afternoon we ventured out to the Tillamook Cheese Factory. 
 Sarah and I with our babies.
 Attempt at a group shoot using Adam's tripod.
 Since Isaiah is really into cows we had to get our picture taken by them!
 And you can't visit the Tillamook Cheese Factory without eating ice cream!
 Isaiah loved it, Mommy thought it was a little messy.
 After Travis finished his ice cream he was in charge of entertaining Isaiah so he wouldn't keep eating my ice cream.  Recently Isaiah has discovered a love for counting to five.  He likes to watch (and he tries to copy) our fingers as we count to five.
 Even baby Lily's parents caved and gave her a taste of some yummy ice cream!
 And Lily sure did LOVE it!
 How can you say no ice cream to this adorable face?
 Michaela was happy to eat Daddy's ice cream...
 and Mommy's ice cream!
 Saturday afternoon Brooke, Travis, Isaiah, and I bundled up and went for a quick walk along the beach.  It was not the best beach walking weather.
 Brooke, Isaiah, and I exploring a tunnel.
 Both Friday night and Saturday night after the kids went to bed we enjoyed playing Pegs and Jokers!
 Another toy we brought were these magnet gears from Nonna and Pops house... however, the house had all stainless steal appliances so the magnets wouldn't work.  Isaiah still found a place to play with the magnets... yes, my son is playing gear magnets on a trash can!

We had a great weekend and enjoy the mini vaca!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Last Monday We ALMOST Had to Buy a Cow

We didn't ALMOST have to buy a real cow, but a toy cow that cost $6.99! 

Here is the rest of the story, while Travis was in class on Monday evening Isaiah and I went to Kaiser to get my allergy shot and then we meet my parents for dinner and to run a few errands.  Target was one of our errand destinations.  I was getting a few needed items while Pops entertained Isaiah (conveniently in the toy section).  I guess my Dad was giving Isaiah and animal he would tell him the name of the animal and the sound the animal made.  Isaiah would hold it briefly and then hand it back to my Dad ready for a new animal.  However, when my Dad gave Isaiah the cow, who says moo... he became attached.  He did not want to exchange the cow for another animal.  In fact he carried the animal around the whole rest of the store while we collected our needed items.  Throughout the store we kept trying to distract him and get Isaiah to give us the cow without being super sad... however, we were continually unsuccessful in our attempts to retrieve the cow.  

Since this is his first toy he has really become attached to at a store I was feeling like maybe I would just buy the silly cow until I realized it wasn't a few dollars, but instead seven dollars!  In the end, we did finally got the cow out of his hands and diverted his attention and avoided the buying a toy cow situation! 

From Isaiah's Perspective...

Thanks, Mom and Dad for buying me boxes... I mean buying new pots and pans which came in really big boxes that were fun to play in for a few days!


Nothing like kicking back and relaxing in a box!

Mommy and Isaiah do love boxes!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy 29th Birthday Travis!

Yesterday, was my husband's 29th birthday.  To celebrate we had Abby's pizza for lunch and Red Robin for dinner.  My husband loves him some good food...and here are 29 reasons why I love him!

  1. You are an amazing husband
  2. You are my best friend
  3. You make me laugh
  4. You give huge hugs
  5. You willingly hold me when I need to be snuggled
  6. You give wonderful back massages
  7. You give excellent foot massages
  8. You are a wonderful musician and I love listening to you sing and play the piano
  9. I am thankful that you always take out the trash
  10. I am thankful that you always fill the cars with gas
  11. I am thankful that you always keep up on the car maintenance
  12. I am thankful that you are a good handy-man and can fix lots of house projects
  13. I appreciate that you are easy-going about what meals I serve you (waffles for dinner)
  14. I appreciate that you will run errands/go shopping with me
  15. I appreciate that you try to help keep the counters picked up
  16. I am grateful for how hard you work at work to bring home the big bucks
  17. I am grateful that you are getting your masters even though sometimes I don’t love all the homework
  18. I am grateful for your knowledge about technology and computers
  19. I love watching Thursday night shows with you
  20. I love going on evening walks with you and chatting
  21. I love going on simple “out to dinner” dates
  22. I love playing games with you (especially Settlers of Catan)
  23. I love doing winter break house painting projects with you
  24. I loved going through the adoption process with you and making a dream come true
  25. I had fun traveling to Korea with you and I hope we get to again…soon!
  26. You are a great dad
  27. I love how you play wild with Isaiah
  28. I love watching Isaiah run to you saying “Hi Daddy!”
  29. I am enjoying learning how to be a good parent with you

Pumpkin Patch

Friday, October 8th was a no school day because it was a state in-service day.  I enjoyed the day off from teaching and an extra weekend day to spend with my family.  We spent the day at Sauvie Island pumpkin patch and had lots of fun!
We all packed a yummy picnic lunch and the weather was great!
Our family of three enjoying lunch.  Isaiah liked sitting on mommy's lap and getting to eat all of my food too.
Sisters holding each others babes.

After lunch we explore the pumpkin patch barn.  This pumpkin was outside the barn...we were trying to get Isaiah to stand next to it but he was on the move!  I guess he was really excited to see the animals.
Next, we waiting in line for a hay ride to take us out to the pumpkin patch field.  Isaiah found this lovely orange fence to help entertain him while we waited in line.
Campbell found going through Nonna's legs to be his source of entertainment while waiting in line for the hay ride.
Nonna, Travis, and Isaiah enjoying the hay ride.

Elise giving Campbell a smooch on the head while on the hay ride. 
Nonna and Pops enjoying the hay ride.
The gang on the hay ride... I guess the kids didn't like the sun in their eyes!
Attempting a family shot...and Isaiah is showing his true colors in this family photo...he was not interested!
Campbell decided to give Isaiah a kiss on the hay ride.  I LOVE this picture because these cousins are so good together!

We finally arrived at the pumpkin patch field and we got to get off the hay ride and go explore!
  Isaiah taking in the rough terrain at a pumpkin patch.
Isaiah discovered drumming pumpkins is a lot of fun.
Isaiah sharing dirt clods with Nonna.
Isaiah attempting to sit on a large pumpkin.
Both boys attempting to sit on large pumpkins.

Teachable moment from the pumpkin patch:  When you fall down in the dirt, just stand up and brush your hands together.  Here is the progression of Isaiah's learning (through pictures):
Isaiah brushing his hands together.
Showing us his hands.
Showing himself his hands and wondering are they clean yet?
One more brush together for good measure.

And to close to this pumpkin patch post here are a few pictures of my silly nephew whom I love dearly!
 Campbell playing with his mommy while sitting on a pumpkin!

 Giggling and being goofy when his mommy wanted him to take a nice picture with her.
Campbell being goofy and gross by licking his daddy's face when trying to take a nice picture with him.