Thursday, March 28, 2013

Weekend in Madras, March 8-10th

Esther made her first trip over the mountain to visit Grandma and Grandpa!

Mommy and Daddy were packing for the weekend and Esther got worn out waiting to get in the car for her nap so she decided it was nap time on the floor in our bedroom.

When we arrived in Madras we went to visit Larry and LaRee Hyder.  Mr. Hyder made some wonderful balloon animals for Isaiah.  Mrs. Hyder had a fun doll house with an arch that Isaiah got to play with and she made chocolate chip cookies to share with us.  Isaiah LOVED visiting with the Hyders.

After our visit with the Hyders we had dinner with Grandma and Grandpa and began our weekend of hanging out.  Esther wore her fun new crazy tights from her Aunt Elise today and I wanted to make sure I got some photos.  She was a happy baby full of smiles!



Grandpa getting some Esther snuggles before bed.

On Saturday morning we went to visit Dana.  Esther has strong stranger anxiety so she didn't let Dana hold her for very long, but we did have a good visit.  Isaiah was happy to visit Dana's house especially since she a farm puzzle with a tractor, toy tractors to drive, and a real tractor to sit on in her front yard!

On Saturday afternoon Grandma and Grandpa took us on a new hiking trail in town.  It is an overlook trail, so steep climb, but beautiful views.  Isaiah was a rock star and walked the entire trail!

After our walk we made a trip over to visit Grandpa's school.  Isaiah liked the school playground the best!  The metal slide was his favorite.  He even convinced grandma to go down the slide too!

After a full morning and afternoon our boy was worn out!  He took an early evening nap on his daddy!

Before bedtime that evening he and grandma got to do a little i-pad together.

Sunday we went to church, had lunch, and then headed back home again.  We sure enjoyed our weekend away.



Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Meeting Ruthie Mae, Thursday March 7th

Maia and I planned a play date for our kids and we had Esther and Ruthie wear their matching outfit! Ruthie is 2 months younger than Esther.  Ruthie was barely fitting into her newborn sized outfit. Esther was sporting her 3 month outfit.  Thanks to Maia she stocked Esther with lots of hair bows and clips!  


After a few pictures of the little girls and some time playing toys we enjoyed the nice sunny weather and went for a walk to the park.  The big kids had fun playing on the park benches, slides, and swings!

Maia also made Esther this adorable owl hat that she tested out and wore later in the day!