Monday, August 31, 2009

Silver Falls

Trav's parents were coming over to visit us for the weekend, but first we met at silver falls. We had fun hiking several of the trails.

Splish, Splash, I want to take a bath!
I love taking pictures in rock caves!
Our cute parents!
The hike down to this fall was a bunch of switch back steps so we stopped along the way at good viewpoints to snap a few photos.
Travis was enjoying playing with the settings on our camera. Check out the detail of each water droplet!
Travis and I behind the south lower fall. It was misty behind the fall and offered a great cool down before the hike back up the hill.

This is the hike we did down to the fall and now back up to the trail to be above the fall.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Shout Out To Emily Christensen- Our Faithful Blog Reader

So my last post was written in such a way as to see if Emily, who claims to be my most faithful reader (and probably is) got my hidden message that I needed a few pictures her husband took. And look what I now have...

Here is a cute picture of Emily and I.
Brad doing the curious trick with Rudy. I wish I was as talented as Brad and could get Rudy to enjoy doing this trick in my hand. I guess it could help if I grew bigger hands, maybe next summer.

Emily gets a thumbs up for being such a faithful blog reader. Maybe someday soon she will create a blog that I can follow=)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Potato Noddle Night With Family and Friends

After eating yummy potato noddles for the second time in one month we took a few pictures in my parents front yard. The goal was to get a cute picture of Emily and I before she headed home to Egypt. However, my couples pictures of us are a little blurry or fuzzy so hopefully she got a good one on her camera. Until I get a good picture of Emily and I these will have to do.

Christensen Family photo: Emily, Brad, and Rudy

Campbell and Aunt Kalina

Monday, August 24, 2009

Campbell's 1 Year Old Photo Shoot

I do believe I have a cute nephew! Here are some of his current 1 year old pictures.

My 27th Birthday

My day started by Emily and I going to a friends farm to pick fruits and vegetables. Then I babysat for Taylor and Sam, two fun neighbors of mine. Next, I met Elise at the mall. And finally, I had an amazing dinner of potato noddles made by my mom.
Guess who put the candles in my birthday dessert.... Travis, and he put all 27!
This fish face is posted on my blog in honor of my silly sister who loves fish faces!
I love my sister!
Elise and Dan gave me a little orange bird to put up above my kitchen cabinets. Dad was giving the small bird a hug.
Elise and Dan also gave me a spring form pan. Now I can make my yummy cheesecakes whenever I want.
Aunt DeAnn gave me dark chocolate covered almonds that are AMAZING! If you haven't tried them you should because they are very yummy. And a gift certificate to Applebee's .
This isn't the best picture but it was a cool memory. This summer Emily had a super cute white shirt she wore while staying at my house. I kept saying I liked it. She ended up surprising me and getting her sister Julie's similar version of the white skirt and giving it to me on my birthday. And Elise is totally laughing because she wanted to borrow the white shirt for a Willis family photo they were taking the next week.


My parents dog Abby stayed with us for a week. And Brad and Emily's dog, Rudy, came to visit us for the summer. Emily decided it was her morning responsibility to keep the dogs busy by training them to play well together. She was very particular with getting all the dogs to sit. Then she would throw the ball. Watch which dog got to the ball first, and who ended up bringing the ball back to her. Abby and Sophie were quicker at getting to the ball, but they always let Rudy actually get it. I am sure the dogs enjoyed all of Emily's attention.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Beach Trip with my Grandparents and the Willis Family

We went tot he beach on the first weekend of August . Travis was excited to have an opportunity to fly his Nemo kite. The wind wasn't the greatest, but he had a good time anyways.

Elise and Campbell enjoying the beach together.
Mom to the rescue! Campbell willing went after the waves.
Campbell had a couple falls while on the beach, but again mom to the rescue!
Grandad with Elise and Campbell.
Campbell liked playing in the sand.
Travis and I at the beach. Yep, it is summer and I have my fleece hat on because I was freezing like always.
Travis and I were trying to get Campbell to want to take a picture with us. We were giving him kisses to try and make him laugh. He thought it was ok.
He thought kisses were ok until his mom and dad tried to give him kisses. Look at that face!
Travis and I enjoying the beach.
Grammy and I trying to stay warm while on the beach.
This beach trip also included playing some miniature golf at Grammy and Grandad's campground. We had a lot of fun.
Grandad trying to make the best shot.
Grammy working on making a better shot than Grandad.
Travis won the game of golf.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Grandparents Visit

One of the fun things we did while my grandparents were visiting was go to the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. Grammy, Grandad, Travis, and I all went to the Space Museum. Here are pictures from our trip.

Grammy and I were done with museums so went back to their Roadtrek to chat while Grandad and Travis went to the Aviation Museum.

Campbell's 1st Birthday!

Saturday July 25th was Campbell's 1st birthday party.
There were a lot of different food options for lunch. Yum!
Campbell is enjoying his lunch.
Family photo, but notice what Campbell wants instead.
His first taste of cool whip frosting and cake.
He dug in, but he didn't get super messy.
Elise is showing him the cake that everyone else got.
Look at that satisfied face.
Playing now more than eating.
Opening presents was crazy. Look at all the people who love Campbell and gave him a gift.
Campbell played with some toys for awhile and then he went swimming.
He loves the pool!
Campbell and I are playing in the pool, out of the pool games!
The party ended with bubbles! It was a fun 1st birthday for Campbell.