Thursday, March 12, 2009

God of This City

In our search to find another home church we were introduced to a new song that I absolutely love. The song is called God of This City by Chris Tomlin. I asked Travis to play it on the guitar for me several nights ago. He tried, but he said he needed to hear the song more before he can play it well. I want to buy the CD, but listening to this video of the song will have to do until then. Since Travis tried to play God of This City that one evening for me the guitar has found a new home upstairs in our bedroom. He has played it a few times recently as I am falling asleep, which has been wonderful!

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Car Jams for Kalina

A few years ago, when I had a long commute to work, my sister-in-law made me a CD. I recently found it and have been playing it in my car as I drive my short, less than 10 minutes, commute to work. One of my favorite songs on the CD is Abba Father by Shaun Groves. These lyrics remind me how important it is to surrender to God and be reminded of his amazing protection and love for us. I yearn to hold my baby, but I know I must be patient and content that it will happen in God's wonderful timing.

Abba Father
My defender
You are holy
I surrender
For in my weakness
You protect me
When my heart strays
You correct me

I cry Abba Father
I love You, Daddy
Abba Father
I love You, I love You
Abba Father
I love You, Daddy
Abba Father
I love You, I love You, Daddy

Yummy Dinner!

A couple weeks ago when we went to Madras and my mother-in-law made a yummy lunch for us. We tried making it this evening for dinner and we were still impressed with the recipe. If need need a yummy, but quick dinner this is the meal! Cook chicken, dice zucchini, dice asparagus, dice pepperoni, and cook in spaghetti sauce. Serve in a pita bread pockets with a slice of provolone cheese.

Doesn't this look gourmet? It was actually really quick and easy to make, but super tasty!

Painting Our Bathroom

We have been talking about painting our bathroom for awhile, but this past weekend we got our act together and did the job. The project was cheap because we used the paint that was left over for our bedroom painting project last January. We painted one wall purple to match the purple decorative rectangle in our bedroom. I tried to show the comparision, but the angels and light just weren't working for me.
I was trying to take a picture of Travis painting, but get this boy around the camera and he turns into a goof ball! Dosen't he know you aren't supposed to eat paint? You can see the purple better in this picture though.

This is my attempt at taking a picture of both of us during the painting project. I guess I am not so talented at this since I cut my head off. Oops!
Here is the end product. I really like how it turned out!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Stan the Vacuum

When we got married one of the gifts we were given was a vacuum cleaner. It was probably a 50 dollar value, and has worked for the past few years. However, Travis has not been overly pleased with it ever since we got it. So this weekend we decided it was finally time to upgrade. We went to Sears and a nice man named Stan explained to us each of the different features on the vacuums. We picked one and in Stan's honor decided to name our vacuum after him. Here are some pictures of our new household toy!

Meet Stan the vacuum, and check out all the awesome features!
I was trying to take a family photo, but someone didn't think I was funny.
Opening the box!
Doesn't it feel a little like Christmas?
Our new vacuum!
This part Travis is holding is called a pet power mate. Stan recommended we use it on our stairs. We hope it works wonders because the stairs are one of the hardest things to vacuum in our house.
Travis is truly enjoying the new vacuum, but I am not sure he is showing it in these pictures.
Travis vacuumed the whole house and now it looks lovely! I have a wonderful husband.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

We had a fun weekend in Madras. This is a picture Josh took for us while we were on a walk down by the creek. It was very peaceful... but I didn't have the best shoes on for exploring.
What is Sophie doing with her leg? We all got a good laugh after this pose!
We made our famous Korean meal for the family. These pictures show that everyone enjoyed the meal! We ate it all... yum!
We also went to celebrate a birthday! Look who loved his birthday present... The Invention of Hugo Cabret. I discovered this was a great book after reading it for one of my graduate classes. I read it in less than 24 hours and read it aloud to my third graders who loved it. We decided to would be the perfect gift for Trav's dad. He love the book too. I think he read it in less than 8 hours and to think it is a 500 plus pages. Amazing!