Monday, December 16, 2013

Preschool Songs (11-14 and 11-15)

Sometimes Esther refuses to nap at home while Isaiah is at preschool and then proceeds to fall asleep in the car on our drive to get Isaiah from preschool.  So annoying, but good thing she is so cute!

Isaiah learned about mat man at preschool and he is now obsessed.  It is a song from a writing program, "Handwriting Without Tears."  He wants to sing and draw Mat Man all the time right now!

Song Lyrics
Mat Man has 1 head, 1 head, 1 head Mat Man has 1 head so that he can think
Mat Man has 2 eyes, 2 eyes, 2 eyes Mat Man has 2 eyes so that he can see
Mat Man has 1 nose, 1 nose, 1 nose Mat Man has 1 nose so that he can smell
Mat Man has 1 mouth, 1 mouth, 1 mouth Mat Man has 1 mouth so that he can eat
Mat Man has 2 ears, 2 ears, 2 ears Mat Man has 2 ears so that he can hear
Mat Man has 1 body, 1 body, 1 body Mat Man has 1 body to hold what is inside heart, lungs, stomach
Mat Man has 2 arms, 2 arms, 2 arms Mat Man has so that he can reach
Mat Man has 2 hands, 2 hands, 2 hands Mat Man has so that he can clap
Mat Man has 2 legs, 2 legs, 2 legs Mat Man has so that he can stand
Mat man has 2 feet, 2 feet, 2 feet Mat Man has so that he can walk

He also really likes his Three Brown Bears Song

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wendy's Chicken and Ice Cream and More Scrunch Nose (11-13)

The hour between 4pm (right after Isaiah gets home from preschool) and 5pm (when daddy gets home) most evenings is a struggle.  The kids are hungry, they want held, they are tired, they don't want to play toys without me, they can't share toys with each other. . .   Who knows why this hour ends up being so hard, but it is typically difficult.  On this particular day I avoided the hour by taking the kids to Wendy's for a snack (which was really dinner for Isaiah).  For some reason being out and about totally helps their moods. 

While Isaiah was eating Esther had a few bites as a snack, but mostly she just made scrunchy faces.

Frisbee Golf (11-11)

Uncle Dan and the boys (Elise had to work), Uncle Chuck and Aunt Cheryl, Nonna and Pops, and the kids and I (Travis had to work) met at Champoeg to play some disc golf on Veteran's Day.  

Esther took her morning nap in the stroller while we played disc golf.

The boys played disc golf for awhile and then they lost interest and found other fun
things to do while the guys continued playing the rest of the course.

  Snack time was a favorite!


Toys on Esther's Head (11-10)

Adoption Weekend (11-9)

Somehow our weekend turned into see lots of our friends who have also adopted.
On Saturday we had a great brunch and got to visit with the Stevens.  The Stevens
are also waiting for another little one.  They had been thinking it might be a
little girl, but they are open to whoever God has planned for their family.
They are hoping to hear news soon!

Fun fact...Esther and Chancellor were born at the same hospital in Florida. 

Monday, December 09, 2013

Lunch at Red Robin with the Bruner Family (11-8)

Travis met Monica, Tim, and their family on the airplane when he was traveling for George Fox and their family was traveling to Korea to get Caleb.  They live in Portland, but we don't get to see them very often with everyone's busy schedules.  Isaiah had fun playing cars with Caleb while they waited for the food.  It was great to visit and hear about their little brother who is waiting in Korea for them to come get him (hopefully soon).  

Hand Art, Scrunched Nose, Reading Magazines (11-7)

I saw this idea on Pinterest and Isaiah and I tried it out... trace your hand, paint
your traced hand brown with a paint brush to make it look like a tree trunk, use your
finger tips in fall colors of paint to make leaves on your tree.  Isaiah had fun doing
the project and I think it turned out super cute...success!

Esther does this funny scrunched up nose deal... a lot!  
It isn't a mad face is a happy or silly face more than anything.

Isaiah came home from school...and oops feel asleep in the chair.

Look who escaped...and wants to head up the stairs!

Esther was being such a big girl tonight and was interested in reading magazines with mommy!

Saturday, December 07, 2013

My Kids- Highlight Crib Cuteness (11-6)

Isaiah loves to do his art box on the stair landing...something about all
your art supplies all over you is relaxing!

Today he was doing art while Esther took her morning nap and I was taking to my mom on
the phone.  Isaiah and I both heard Esther wake up over the monitor and he quickly dropped
his art and asked to go check on her.  He has done this before so I let him go up ahead of me
by just a couple moments.  However, by the time I got to her room I found him climbing into
her crib with a box of toys for them to play with together!

Isaiah had "Teddy Bear Day" at school today.  He wasn't interested in bringing a teddy
bear, but he thought it was fun to make a bear biscuit.  He didn't eat much of it, but he
liked looking at it and talking about it.