Sunday, July 12, 2009

Camping 2009

Here are some pictures from our 4th of July celebration at Trav's aunt and uncles house in Oakridge.
Travis is helping the younger kids safely light their sparklers.
Gabby is dancing and singing with her sparkler.
Kayla and Gabby are enjoying sparklers together.
Bob being crazy with his sparkler.
Travis being helpful again.
Trav's parents. His dad was the adult holding all the sparklers. He was being silly and saying SPARKLERS really weird! All the kids and adults got a good laugh.
Josh figuring out how the firework is supposed to work.
Aunt Becky and Mocha. Sophie loved playing with Mocha even though he is a bigger dog.
Trav and I during the 4th of July firework show.
This is a small waterfall nearby Trav's aunt and uncles house that we drove to and checked out.
The waterfall was in a campground so we collected some wood while we were there.
Check out his muscles!
After 4th of July camping we traveled to South Twin and did some more camping.
Derric loved going camping.
Nate, Amy, and I enjoying our campfire.

Our Anniversary

We went to the Melting Pot to celebrate our 4th anniversary. This is a picture of us while we are waiting to be seated.
We decide to do the whole deal - cheese fondue, salads, meat fondue, and chocolate fondue. We were stuffed by the end of the evening!
We always have to take at least one artistic photo while we are at the Melting Pot.
We took this picture will we were digesting some of our food and waiting for the next course.

Yummy chocolate fondue!
Travis tried to feed me a bite and take a picture.
I tried to feed Travis and take a picture.

Nursery Project Progress

I seem to not be very good at keeping up with this blogging business, but better late than never. Here are a few pictures of our nursery project progress. The paint is done and we love it! I have also hung a window valence that ties the colors together.
The futon was supposed to go in our bedroom, but it was too big. So we decided to try it in the nursery, and now we really like it. It may come in handy when we are trying to get our little one to sleep in the crib.

Here are a couple pictures of the crib. It is fairly simple, but we really like it and the price was great! We still need to buy a mattress, but I think we have time.