Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Part 2 (2pm-7pm)

Isaiah took a nap from 1:30pm-3pm.  During his nap we had time to make a list (although not 100 complete) of thankfulness...

  • 2010-The year we got to bring Isaiah home!
  • Having a wonderful baby shower thrown for me by my sister and sister in-law in January
  • Welcoming baby Lily into the Sargent family in February
  • Installing wood floors in our downstairs in February
  • Buying a wonderful new Camry in February
  • Starting to attend and really enjoy Family Life Church in April
  • Traveling to Korea with Nonna and Pops to pick up our son, Isaiah in May 
  • Becoming a Mommy and Daddy
  • Spinning cups for Isaiah
  • Listening to kids music in the car with Isaiah
  • Getting to spend an entire week with Emily in June
  • Celebrating 5 wonderful years of marriage in June
  • Going on a Campbell, Willis, and Morgan family vacation to Disneyland in August
  • Kalina having good health and turning 28 in August
  • Dedicating Michaela Puckett to the Lord in August
  • Having a 3rd grade teaching job to return to in September
  • Nonna started watched Isaiah while I work part-time in September
  • Starting to attending a great small group in October
  • Having my sister and brother in-law babysit Isaiah while we go to small group
  • Getting to babysit Campbell while my sister and brother in –law go to small group
  • Living in an great 3 bedroom house for four years in October
  • Travis having good health and turning 29 in October
  • Going to the pumpkin patch with the Campbell and Willis families in October
  • Finalizing Isaiah’s adoption through a court ceremony in November
  • Celebrating Thanksgiving with the Morgan and Mitchell family in November
  • Travis getting closer and closer to being done with his MBA degree
  • Ready to celebrate Isaiah turning 2 in December
  • Excited to welcome baby James into the Harris Family in January
  • Overjoyed to welcome Willis baby #2 in June  
We ate our big Thanksgiving meal around 3pm, just after Isaiah got up from his nap.  Then we spent the rest of the evening doing dishes, playing toys, and hanging outing with the Harris family.

This is the only cooking picture we ended up taking today...bummer.

Table before we filled it with TONS of food!
Family Dinner
Isaiah had just woke up from his nap and was not in the mood for a meal yet...hence why the poor boy has his head down.
However, after dinner when Grandpa wanted to take a nap, Isaiah thought it was time to play.

Grandpa stopped napping to play with his grandson.
We had a great Thanksgiving today!

Thanksgiving Day Part 1 (7am-2pm)

I actually woke up before Isaiah this morning, which was kind of annoying, but I got some time to read my new Family Fun magazine this morning.  I have decided Isaiah must KNOW it is Thanksgiving because he has been "hungee" all day!  He started off the morning eating Cheerios cereal, toast, and Mandarin oranges.  Next, he helped Daddy eat breakfast.  Then, he helped Uncle Josh eat breakfast.  In between all of his breakfasts he enjoyed playing with toys at Grandma and Grandpa's house. 

Playing with/studying a shape from their shape sorter toy.

Enjoying some one on one time with Scout.
Daddy wasn't interested in eating breakfast foods this morning so he started the day by eating crackers and cheese.  Since Daddy was eating crackers that meant Isaiah also needed to eat crackers!

Then Josh got up and fixed himself cereal and toast and guess who noticed that someone else was eating breakfast.  Isaiah had fun sitting on Uncle Josh's lap and picking cereal out of his bowl.  

Isaiah bundled up and went on a short snow walk with Mommy and Daddy.

Grandma and Grandpa bought a rocking horse for their house.  Isaiah loves riding the pony and thinks it is super cool because the ears make the horse sound like it is trotting and neighing.

Isaiah also loves his new magnetic puzzle that we bought for a church toy, but that he is getting to enjoy over Thanksgiving vacation.

Not the greatest family photo, but I sure am blessed by my family!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Safely in Madras

We are safely in Madras and ready to celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow! We left home around 1:30pm and got to Madras around 5:30pm. The normal 2 and half hour drive was closer to 4 hours, so both Isaiah and I were ready to be done in the car when we finally got here.

There was a lot of snow on the mountain, but the roads weren't horrible.
I was having fun keeping myself busy in the car by taking pictures on my iphone while we were driving.

Isaiah only took about an hour nap, but woke up fairly content.

Hey Mom and Dad, guess what these are my knees!

Isaiah loves pulling his pant legs up ... so thankfully that entertained him for a good time in the car today.
The only thing that we know we forgot was Isaiah's sippy cups.  Luckily we were able to buy a new Cars themed sippy cup at Safeway and he loves it.  He drank the entire 9 oz plus a little more during dinner!

Court Finialization

Yesterday we went to court and finalized our adoption.  Both Travis and I took the day off from work.  We didn't do anything particularly special in the morning but it was nice to spend the morning as a family.  We had Isaiah take a short (30 min) morning nap, which isn't normal in his schedule, but since our appointment was at 1:10pm we knew we could have tired issues.  The short nap really helped him keep it all together and he did great!  And as a result ...  Isaiah is officially our son!
Lots of our family waiting for court to start.
Waiting outside the court room...all on his own doing he tried to get inside the court room.

Waiting for our turn to go into the court room...Isaiah decided it was fun to explore his tie!

Isaiah with his Aunt Elise and Uncle Dan (he isn't really picking his nose-he just like to find eyes, nose, mouth etc)
Nonna with her grand babies
Inside the court room

Meeting Judge Collins

One of my coworkers loved this pictures because of my huge smile, so I thought I would given everyone the enjoyment of seeing this picture!
The Judge asked us to talk about our adoption story...the process of how we got Isaiah!  Isaiah was smiling at our family who were sitting in the jury box.
Travis made sure to introduce all of our family that came to share this special day with us.
Isaiah didn't want to sit still while the Judge talked to us about how wonderful it was to have adoptions happen in his court room, but at least my brother in-law Josh got this cute photo.
My handsome son!

Our family of three- Praise the Lord for the blessing of Isaiah as our child!
All of our amazing family that made the effort to come to Isaiah's finalization.  We love all of you!

Isaiah and Judge Collins- he did really well!
Isaiah and Daddy

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Morning Breakfast

Isaiah woke up at 7 this morning and Daddy wasn't ready to get up, well I wasn't totally ready to get up either, but I did to be with my baby!  Not long after I got him up he said "hungry" so I brought him downstairs and gave him breakfast.  This morning he had Kix cereal, banana, and yogurt.  While he ate breakfast I took the opportunity to catch up on a little blogging.  And since my camera was out downloading other pictures I snapped a few of Isaiah's Sunday morning breakfast.  I think he thoroughly enjoyed it!

This one is funny because he is saying..."ah, ah" for "ah chew" which was something silly we did to get him to smile when he first came home and now he does it almost any time the camera comes out!

This is my favorite one for this morning.  I asked him to say cheese so I could get a smiling picture and he did it all the while chewing on the spoon!

Yes, Isaiah is doing awesome feeding himself.  Mommy is giving him more and more opportunities to practice and I am doing better dealing with the messy boy self feeding creates! 

Evening Walk

Last night after dinner we decided to brave the cooler temperatures (39) and go for a walk.  We all bundled up, but Isaiah was the cutest!  Before Isaiah came home we bought this cozy outfit on clearance at the Columbia Store thinking we would use it this summer when we went camping.  However, we never made it camping so we didn't want it to go to waste so we had his wear it over his pj's to help him stay warm on our walk this evening.  He really didn't mind it, but he wasn't really in the mood to get his picture taken.
Our first attempt...Travis trying to hold Isaiah and make him happy.  Outcome...Travis looks weird, and Isaiah is still squirming away.
Isaiah still wanted to play with his toys in the outfit.
Isaiah still wanted to climb in and out of the rocking chair in his outfit.
Our second attempt was a little better.  See we aren't torturing him, he likes it!

The third attempt was in the stroller...I think he was thinking MOM just STOP!
But Mommies know best and my persistence got this fourth picture which was adorable!  I love you Isaiah!