Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Advent December 9th

Isaiah has been having fun playing with his new Legos!

 Today the kids got a new Christmas book!

Advent December 8th

 Isaiah said look I'm Santa Claus!

 Today's gift was stickers. 

 A little Isaiah and Mommy after school relaxing time. 

This evening we went to Al's Garden Center to see the decorations!


 Esther LOVED finding baby Jesus!

Advent December 7th

Sleeping kids are so cute!

Day 7... 
Isaiah got more Cars Legos...Fillmore!

Esther got more play kitchen...a coffee maker.

Willis Church Performance December 7th

Elise and Dan directed the children's Christmas play at their church.  Campbell was in the choir.
We enjoyed watching the results of all their hard work!





Since we wore our coordinated Christmas clothes to church this morning and Pops had his camera...
We even got to take a few family photos today.

 Cousins plus an extra little boy!