Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday with Toys, Estonia Writing, Movie, and Homemade Milkshakes January 18, 2016

Esther is really into doing Legos. She really likes to build Legos while Isaiah is busy
doing school. Today she made the vacation house.  She proudly came out of the office
and announced it.  I didn't ask for all the details of the house, but here it is...looks great!

Esther also loves to play with her doll house and tends to get it out
while we are doing school also.  I love seeing her little set ups!

We checked out a video about Estonia where my good friend Emily and her
family live.  We watched the movie once.  Then the second time we watched the
movie we paused it and took notes of things we could be learning about the
country.  After we had notes I helped Isaiah write a little piece about Estonia.

Afternoons tend to lead to some TV time per their request.  Today I was glad because
they both have had some coughs so I was happy they would sit still on the couch.

Isaiah still wanted his second milkshake for loosing tooth # 6.  We tried making a milkshake
at home.  He wasn't impressed so I think he still wants us to take him out for one-silly boy!

Another Tooth-#6! and Esther in a Lily Dress January 17, 2016

We had a similar dinner tonight in that Isaiah struggled to eat his food and then at the
very end of dinner he got up, got himself a napkin, and then pulled out another tooth.
Silly boy now has two windows on his bottom set of teeth.

Esther helped me make peanut butter chocolate chip cookies this evening.  I wanted
to snap a picture to send to my friend Sarah as this one of her daughter's dresses.
I love my little cutie that gets to wear adorable hand-me down clothes!

Isaiah Lost Tooth #5 January 16, 2016

Isaiah has mentioned that he has a couple wiggly teeth. He never wants us to wiggle them and he barely shows us how loose they really are until its time for them to come out.  We have seen his hands in his mouth wiggling his tooth and eating has become more of a challenge.  Well I guess today was the day...he lost tooth number 5!  He took his tooth out right at the end of dinner.
He was so proud!

We took him to Jem 100 to get a milkshake treat.  While we were there
our friends Pete, Linsey, Will, and Lincoln came to have some dinner.
It was fun to have them share in Isaiah's tooth loss excitement!

Here is Will checking in on us!


Nonna and Pops got to come too!  They had already been at our
house for dinner so they got included on the fun celebrating too!

Snow Pants January 14, 2016

We finally have snow pants that will fit both kids.  Isaiah loves his snow pants so much that after an evening walk and stomp through rain puddles he asked if he could come home and put his snow pants on again.  I said sure.  He did and then he asked me to take his picture.  I love when he requests that I take his picture because I get the BEST smiles!  I can't wait to take my cuties to play in the snow!

Fred Meyer Pony with Friends January 13, 2016

We went to Fred Meyer this afternoon to get some vegetables for our dinner.  When
we got there were noticed our friends the Handleys were also at Fred Meyer.  Rachel
was in getting a cart and I took the kids to ride the pony-our normal routine.  Rachel
came out to say hi and mentioned that she had never let her kids ride the pony yet.
I think she didn't want to start the bad habit.  I offered to pay for their ride.  She let
them do it with us, and we joked that she will tell her kids that we can only do it
when they see us at the grocery store.  Claire LOVED her ride, and Grant had fun
but wanted mommy really close.  It was a great little 10 minute visit with friends!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Chuck E Cheese Writing January 12, 2016

I asked Isaiah what he wanted to write about today and he sat for awhile and didn't say anything.  I suggested maybe we could write about what we did this weekend.  I was thinking the water balloons that we did yesterday was a lot of fun and that could be an easy topic for him to brainstorm lots of details to write.  However, out of the blue (yet nothing is out of the blue to Isaiah) he suggested he write about Chuck E Cheese.   It seemed kind of random to me, but then I remembered he spotted it when we were driving home from his appointment yesterday so I'm sure it was on the fore front of his mind.  He was right it did prove to be a good topic for him to write about because he had tons of ideas and even drew a matching picture.

From left to right...he drew and orange animal boat, a blue monster truck, a red Clifford, and a black carousel.  Those are hard things to draw and he drew them without any help or me talking him through the details so I think they turned out pretty good.

I was upstairs when he finished his writing piece and did his drawing.  He took the liberties to draw a bunch more pictures too.  There are basically two things happening on this paper.  One is the Snowflake, Snowflake drawings again.  The second thing is drawings of our water balloon fun from yesterday.  Near the bottom right in grey is our van. Above the van in purple is our vacuum.  In front of the vacuum (big purple crescent) is a pink bowl filled with three water balloons (purple, green and orange). Near the top right of the page is Daddy's truck because they threw the water balloons at it.  I sure love when this boy is brave and will draw for us.  I think he is such a good artist, but he is so hard on himself that he rarely lets us into his world as an artist.

Love Day Surprise and Sneezy the Snowman January 11, 2016

Isaiah had a doctors appointment yesterday.  Esther got to stay with Nonna and while we were away she made us a Love Day Surprise.  She was so EXCITED to give it to us when we came to pick her up.  We opened this beautiful red envelope to find this wonderful card.  She is so proud of her project!!

After Isaiah's appointment he wanted to be play at Nonna's house.  By the time his appointment was done, it was dinner time so Nonna invited us over to have waffles.  Isaiah loved his dinner and then  we played for a bit before a quick bath and heading home.  

The kids have been LOVING this library book.   

This library book  Sneezy the Snowman inspired some art by Isaiah.  The snowman, hot cocoa, hot tub, campfire by the tree, and finally ice cream store are all parts of this book.  He was also inspired to draw from the Snowflake, Snowflake book.  Snowflake, carrot, black rock, brown branch, blue scarf, round button, warm mittens, black hat, snowman make up that story.  The shapes at the top were just an added bonus!

Esther's art of Sneezy.

Water Balloons January 10, 2016

Our friend Michaela LOVED this dress.  I just recently moved it to Esther's closet and she wore it today to church.  I thought we should text Michaela's Mommy, Brook to share that we are wearing it and enjoying it.  Of course Esther was being silly when I wanted to take a picture.

It was a sunny day so we spent some of the afternoon outside.  I vacuumed out the van and the kids played in the van.  Esther said they were going to drive to the movies.

We also spent part of our weekend working on garage organization.  We put up a new overhead shelf so with the new garage storage we were able to take down the Christmas lights from the front and back yard and have a place to store all the new fun we had bought to decorate our house during the Christmas season. We also put up a couple other shelves that allowed us to better store things.  We moved a few things around and added a few things to shelves that was still on the garage floor that we were wanting to be stored on higher shelves once they were installed.  While doing some of the garage reorganization Isaiah found the water balloons and requested to play water balloons.  I   fulfilled his request.  We had a blast!  Daddy even suggested that they throw water balloons at his truck.

Here was bowl two of water balloons!  I sure love these crazy kids!