Tuesday, April 22, 2014

More Bubbles (2-27)

Isaiah wanted to do bubbles again this morning.  It is cold and rainy so we bundled
up and then played on the front porch under the covered patio.  He had a blast making
the bubbles blow from the front yard into the back yard.  Esther enjoyed herself too.

Bubbles (2-26)

I bought Isaiah a battery operated bubble blowing wand.  
He was so excited to try it out.  
We had to use it first thing the next morning- while still in PJs!

Since Esther had footy PJs on and I couldn't put shoes on her... and because she only wants to
crawl, I was going to have her stay inside and watch the bubble blowing experience.

 Clearly that didn't last long and I decided they are just PJ's.  
They will wash or can be replaced.

They had so much fun with the one bubble blowing wand that I needed to go buy
another so they could play together.  Off to Fred Meyer we ventured so Esther
could have her very own battery operated bubble blowing wand.

Isaiah had a busy day at preschool.  
The fire fighters came!

The kids watched a show while I worked on dinner tonight.  I love how
Esther just laid on the pillow and watched the show with big brother!

Here was our yummy dinner.  We had steak left from Christmas dinner that
we made into fondue again.  Yummy, but a lot of work on a week night.

Hanging Out (2-25)

 The kids love playing and spending time together.  
Today they made flower creations!

 Isaiah pushed Esther at Fred Meyer. 

Esther Ate a Whole Pear! (2-24)

Dr Office (2-21)

We are going to a new doctor now.. 
and this office has an awesome fish aquarium that the kids love!

Making Dinner (2-20)

Tonight while I was making dinner... Isaiah was busy at his kitchen making dinner too!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Drawing Board with a Wonderful Message (2-19)

Play Date at Puckett House (2-17)

Coloring was a popular choice today at our play date!
The kids happily crowded around the little table.

Snuggles and smiles with my boy!

Playing at Nonna and Pop's House While Daddy Does Taxes (2-15)

Aunt Jolene and Uncle Lance sent Valentine's Day mail that entertained Esther for awhile.


Pops helped entertain Isaiah by playing stickers.  Since I was tired of Christmas
stickers we moved to Easter stickers.  He had a blast decorating Easter eggs!

He made four full papers full of Easter eggs with decorations!  He was so proud of his artwork!

Isaiah ended up opening his Aunt Jolene's and Uncle Lance's present at our house later in the evening.

He was very excited about all the pictures Jolene sent from our trip there last summer.
He is so looking forward to playing in the fountains again!

He wanted to give Lance, Jolene, Lydia, and Thiago kisses goodnight!

Admiring his wall!