Friday, December 28, 2012

Our First Week in December (1st-7th)

Having a newborn in our house is WONDERFUL, but it has limited my blogging time. I can't (yet I can) believe that I haven't gotten to blog about the WHOLE month of December.  I don't want to forget the memories of this month so I am going to try to catch up and cover the highlights from each week this month.

December 1st

Daddy reading with the kids!

Nonna and Pops decided to prepare a present for each day of December that their grandsons would get to open at their own houses.  Isaiah was excited about opening presents!
 Isaiah knew right away that day 1 was a new book.  
 He was happy about the new book, but he was most excited about the number 1 circle!
Snuggles with my kids
 Esther's first snuggles with mommy and warm blankets while watching an evening show.

December 2nd

Today we made it to church (on time) and we went to and led our small group in the evening.

Esther's first dress
 Day 2 present... Lego astronaut

Afternoon snuggles

Amy meeting Esther
 Nate meeting Esther

Our small group has been instrumental in praying for our adoption process!  Everyone loved holding Esther at our small group.  We all agreed it was a little hard to focus with such a cute baby at our group tonight.  

December 3rd

Travis had to go back to work so today was my first day at home with both kids.  I made sure to text Travis our status updates...

The first one was the night time bottles so he could see how much Esther ate.
The next was how TIRED I still was after getting up multiple times in the night.
 Then his sweet baby girl who was still enjoying her beauty sleep.
Next his little buddy reading to us in the early morning.

The day 3 present was the Lego man that went with the astronaut car from day 2.

Today I had a final physical therapy appointment and Esther had her two weeks appointment. 

Esther was 7lbs 14 oz.  

December 4th

Today's present was another Lego man (police officer).
 Isaiah is still really into the circle numbers.

Sarah meeting Esther
Sarah's son, Nathan, meeting Esther
 Sarah's daughter, Lily, holding Esther

Dan, Elise, and the boys came for a visit and brought us dinner.  Elise also brought a fun snowman/marshmallows craft for the boys to do after dinner.  I wasn't sure if Isaiah would be interested, but he really liked doing it.  The finished snowman has been displayed in our house all month.

 Uncle Dan holding Esther

 Ruthanne meeting Esther

December 5th

Isaiah is really enjoying opening his present for the day and then organizing them on our piano. Today's present was another Lego man.

Esther's first trip to Fred Meyer

Grandma came today and will be here for a few days to help out.  She loved snuggling Esther.

December 6th

Today's present was another Lego car.  Isaiah liked building the police car and then finding the police man from a couple days ago to put into the car.  

 Kelsey meeting Esther

Grandma snuggling her grandkids

December 7th

Isaiah opened another present and today it was the little red car.  He had fun driving all three of his Lego cars together.

Our plan for the afternoon was to head to JoAnn's Fabrics to do a little shopping (I wanted to get a few things for Esther's bedroom).  However,  before we left Isaiah wasn't very interested in eating lunch. Then on the car ride there he feel asleep.  Both of these things seemed weird and then not too long after being there Isaiah threw up.  The workers at JoAnn's were awesome...right away they came to help us. This was his first barf, and he did pretty well.  He was a little sad, but he let us help him get cleaned up and then we headed home (without doing any shopping).  We knew my sister's family had been sick, but we were hoping to avoid getting sick.  Isaiah didn't make it though, but luckily he was the only one who ended up getting sick in our family.  That afternoon/evening (and most of the weekend) was filled with movie watching and snuggling.  It also meant that Grandma went home as she didn't want to risk getting sick and Grandpa didn't get to come over for the weekend and meet Esther.  Serious bummer!

He only threw up that one time and by 7pm (at least 4 hours later) he was asking for toast so we let him try it and it stayed down.

He feel asleep for the night on my lap.

Not a great way to end the week, but we survived.