Thursday, May 31, 2012

Saturday Afternoon Family Time

Grandma and Grandpa had arrived to our house by the time we got home from our zoo trip.  We enjoyed a wonderful afternoon and evening relaxing as a family.  There was lots of holding baby Kiara!  But we also made a yummy dinner and went for a walk around our neighborhood (just not as documented...something about taking pictures of a baby trumps all other activities).

While we were busy making dinner Grandpa was in charge of entertaining the kids.

After dinner and our walk we were chatting in our living room.  I asked Isaiah if he wanted to hold baby Kiara...I didn't think he would want to, but he said yes.  These are our first GOOD pictures of just the two cousins.  It was so cute to watch him holding her.  But when he was done, he was done and just scooted out from under her without asking for help or communicating her was all done holding her.  I was glad I was standing right there and swooped Kiara up into my arms.

I love this picture- Kids and Mommies!

Zoo Trip

On Saturday, May 26th we took another zoo trip.  This time we went with Aunt Kayla, Uncle Josh, and baby Kiara.  This was Kiara's first time riding the Max AND going to the zoo!  She did great as she slept through most of it.  These are a few highlights from our trip!

We got few family pictures throughout our trip since we had extra photographer hands to snap pictures.

 Isaiah is still very much in love with tractors!


 Isaiah watching Josh instead of cooperating for a picture.

 After lunch, with full bellies we got a couple cute family photos!

Yes, we still bust out the carrier every now and then...and my boy loves it!

When we took this picture for them we thought it turned out awesome.  It wasn't until we got home and loaded it on the computer that we noticed Kiara wasn't very happy...bummer.  Next time!
 Giggling boy as we left the zoo!

Isaiah LOVES the Max!  This might have been the highlight of his zoo trip.

 This goofer poofer face pretty much shows how in love he is with the Max.

The zoo trip tired Isaiah out...he quickly feel asleep on the car ride home.

May 20th, Sunday School

I don't know why...

but, Isaiah stayed in Sunday School all by himself.  I'm not sure how this his week was different than any other week, but a success none-the-less.

I don't know why...

but, this is the project he made in Sunday School.  I'm sure a flower could go with a thousand different Bible stories...or it was just fun!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Babysitting the Boys

On Sunday, May 20th Dan and Elise had their final small group Bible study.  We went to watch the boys and we had a great time snuggling (well at least for a few minutes) while watching the bigger boys favorite movie-SHAPES!


Introducing Nathan Sargent!

Our good friends the Sargent's had a baby boy, Nathan, on May 6th.  We got to meet him on Friday, May 18th (since we convinced his parents we would bring dinner and gifts).  We had a fun evening visiting with our friends and holding baby Nathan.  Nathan did great...the bigger kids (Isaiah and Lily) were the ones having more fuzzy moments on this particular evening.  Ah, life with multiple kids is going to be so fun!


Nathan's big sister Lily is doing awesome helping!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


One day last week Nonna had Isaiah at her house while I was work.  After work I came over to have lunch and after lunch Isaiah was standing at Nonna and Pops back door and said, "I see a DEER!"  I have only shown him a deer one other time since they have moved in so I wasn't convinced he really was seeing one.  But when I walked over to the window he was exactly correct.  Two deer were pretty close to the house, but by the time I got my camera this one had moved a little further back in the backyard.  It is so fun to have wildlife to view at Nonna and Pops new house!


Counting Owls With Grammy

Grammy collects owls and displays them on her fireplace mantel.  Isaiah loves counting the owl eyes with Grammy.  I love watching them interact together and I want to always remember the sweet smiles and giggles exchanged between them.  Unfortunately, this isn't the best video because Travis and Grandad are talking in the background and I think the TV was on, but this will have to work for now until I attempt to catch these precious moments again...

Isaiah Visited Mommy's Classroom After Hours

The news is out and official...I am taking a year  of leave (and hopefully much longer) from teaching.  Travis and I have decided we are going to make the finances work so I can stay home with Isaiah and hopefully another little one soon.  

Since I won't be teaching next year I have to clean out my classroom and figure out what I am keeping (bringing home) and what I am getting rid of by the end of the school year.  Nonna came to help me do a little sorting and Isaiah enjoyed playing in my classroom.  I think he looks pretty cute sitting at the little tables, but I am so happy neither of us will have school next year!

I guess school tired out the boy!


One of our favorite places to hang out/shop is Costco.  Isaiah even requests to go to Costco when he is bored at home and wants to go out somewhere.  He likes Costco because we let him hold things in the cart while we look and shop.

These pictures were from one of our latest trips to Costco...

He loved sitting with the bear in the cart.  He gave the bear MANY hugs!