Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sweet Siblings (7-12)

Just some sweet siblings snuggling together in the rocking chair watching a show.

Sherwood Water Fountains with Neighbors (7-8)

Evening snuggles with Aunt Elise after an afternoon in the sun!

Idaho (7-5)

 Morning snuggles, snack, and watching a show

Someone found the silly glasses!

We decided to go for a hike.. it was HOT!  We had the single stroller and the carrier with us.  We were going to let Esther ride for a bit and then we could move her to the carrier if Isaiah needed a break from walking.  However, Esther feel asleep in the stroller super we were out of luck when Isaiah needed a break.  I took one for the team and carried my big five year old.

Our afternoon fun consisted of bowling!

 Back at the house for a few more toys!

 Aunt Jolene introduced Isaiah to Hi Ho Cherry- O during this visit.  
He is obsessed with the game!

Idaho (7-4)

Uncle Lance made a whistle for Esther to play with

Aunt Jolene made USA cupcakes!  Isaiah associated cupcakes with birthday
parties so we had to sing a little Happy Birthday Dear USA!

Next we decorated the cupcakes!


 Isaiah and Esther got to try part of the cupcake decorations! 
It was too hard to wait until the party to eat all the yummy food.

 Esther took another nap in the stroller today!

 We also made a yummy fruit tray!

We made lots of yummy food to take to Andy and Christina's house.  
Isaiah thought they had the best house ever because they had a trampoline! 

They also had a fountain!

The backyard was huge!

Of course, Esther really liked their dog!

 We took the opportunity to take a few pictures with pregnant Lydia!

 We made sure to eat all the yummy food we brought!

This backyard had a beautiful river that flowed right behind it.
They boys even did a little fishing in the river.

There was LOTS of jumping!

Jolene also brought a fun t-shirt making craft project!  
The kids thought it was great. 

Jolene and Lydia helped Andy and Christina's kids (Faith and Hope) first...

First they made a blue hand print.


Then they painted red stripes.


 Then they put a red heart onto the blue hand print.

Even baby sister Joy got to do it!

Then Isaiah had a turn with Lydia's help.

Lydia also helped with Esther's shirt...we got her hand print (but I was
busy helping so no pictures) and then Lydia did the rest of her t-shirt.

Since the shirts weren't going to dry in time for a picture we just let the
kids dress up in the necklaces and glasses that Jolene had also brought.

Faith, Hope, and Joy's cousin Willow was also there...She and Isaiah had a blast playing together!

Evening fireworks!!