Sunday, April 26, 2009

Go Blazers!

Travis is busy watching game four of the basketball playoffs. The Blazers just scored. The score is 65 to 63 at the end of the 3rd quarter. Travis is VERY happy!
For some reason Sophie doesn't like basketball. She is trying to avoid the rowdy/noisy downstairs and is currently hanging out in our bedroom. Silly dog!
Now she is resting and taking a nap. What a good pooch!

Tulip Festival

Last Sunday we went to the Tulip Festival. The weather was really sunny and warm! We figured it could be crowded but we took the adventure anyways. We went on back roads most of the way and the drive was great, but then it took us about one hour to travel the last two miles. The next couple photos I got while we were inching along the road the last two miles.
I love this tall, green grass!
We were so excited to see flowers because we knew we must be getting closer to the tulip farm. However, these flowers were daffodils and they weren't in the greatest shape, but I liked them with the barn in the background. Can you see all the tiny dots? Each dot equals ten dollars the tulip farm made today. The tulip farm must of parked tons of cars today!
Beautiful flowers! Notice I am highlighting pink and organge, two of my favorite colors.Travis sitting on a tractor. What could be better?
A view of Mt. Hood and tulips.
My favorite flower picture that my dad took today!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Decorating Easter Eggs

We celebrated Easter by going to church at McMinnville Covenant Church, where my sister and brother-in-law attend. Dan helped lead worship and was in the Easter choir. Elise was in the Easter choir too and sang an amazing solo. After church we had Easter dinner at the Willis house. Then we got to decorate Easter eggs. Here are some pictures from our fun...

I am documenting my guess. My job was to decide which color tablet should go in each cup. I got 100% correct!
Mom bought a new egg holder tool for us to try while decorating eggs. I thought it worked pretty well to make multi-colored eggs.
What is Dan doing eat the egg without coloring it?
Campbell woke up from his afternoon nap in time for his first decorating Easter eggs experience. I think he might have more fun when he is a little older.
Our finished eggs! Aren't they beautiful?

Easter Basket

Our Easter basket was filled with lots of fun stuff! We got two movies... The Berenstain Bears Springtime Surprises and Madagascar 2, and we each got a pair of Korean cleaning gloves that are PINK!, and of course chocolate. It was a fun treat.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Classroom Conversation

Setting: Thursday afternoon at about 3:00 pm in Mrs. Morgan's 3rd grade classroom

Student: Mrs. Morgan I think tomorrow should be a holiday.

Mrs. Morgan: Oh, well what would you do on your holiday?

Student: Well, tomorrow is the day that Jesus died on the cross. Today when I get home from school I am going to make crosses and draw God on them and have my mom hang them around the house for our holiday.

Mrs. Morgan: Great idea.

The student that shared this conversation with me was not one that I would have suspected that went to church or knew about God. I am so glad she does know about how GOOD this FRIDAY was for each of us, and that Christ did died on the cross for us.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

New Car

Travis and I bought a new car! We traded my 1999 Honda CR-V in for this beautiful new car. It is a 2005 Honda CR-V. This car only has 20,000 miles! I really like how it drives. A few features are different in this car, but I am starting to get more used to as I drive it more. I love the cargo space. It seems so much bigger than our previous car. Tomorrow Travis is taking the car in to get our free roof rack because that was part of our bargaining deal.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Sunday's Hike

On Sunday we had warm weather. It was a perfect day for a hike. We met up with two other couples (friends from college) to hike around Washington Park/Rose Garden area in downtown Portland. While on our exploration hike we found this beautiful patch of trillium flowers. These flowers are unique because they only bloom every seven years!


This past weekend we found some suitcases at costco. We bought two suitcases so we would have good luggage when we get to travel to Korea. The pictures isn't the greatest because the suitcase isn't filled to its capacity. The side pockets on this bag are wonderful! We can't wait to use them to pick up our son or daughter someday soon.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Cool Fact From Newspaper!

This morning I was reading the newspaper and found a cool fact.

Today is 4-01-2009 which is a perfect square number. 2003x2003=4,012,009

The article said that this century has 24 perfect square days.

The first was September 1, 2004. 3,002 x 3,002=9,01,2004

The second was March, 5, 2009. 1,747 x 1,747= 3,052,009

Today is the third perfect square day. I guess we have to figure out the next 6 perfect square days in this century on our own because the article didn't mention them. It did say that the next perfect square April Fool's Day won't be until 6016.

Ah, the crazy facts that exist!


Saturday we went to H-Mart an Asian grocery store. It was such a neat experience. It makes us want to have a referral and travel to Korea. I didn't take any pictures in the store because I was trying to be culturally sensitive (I was not sure if it would have been considered rude), but if you visit you might get a little bit more of a feel for our experience.

While at the store we bought some yummy pastries that we can't wait to go back and get again. We also bought some cookies that we had at one of our friends houses before. And I got a couple of wooden spoons that were made in Korea. After our explorations of the store we ordered food from a vendor in the front of the store. We are pretty sure we ordered something similar to the Korean meal we have made at home. It was yummy!

Playing with my Nephew

My sister and brother-in-law had Easter choir practice the last two Sunday's so I got to babysit and play with my nephew! He is 8 months old and able to do so much already. He is on the verge of crawling. Any day now I could get a call from my sister with the news that he is cruising all around her house.
Everything in the mouth= Fun!
Look at all the toy options. We had lots to keep us busy.
Travis got to go with me on the second Sunday. He and Campbell had fun dancing to music.

St. Patrick's Day

I made green chocolate chip pancakes and milk for Travis and I for breakfast on St. Patrick's Day. I can't wait to make this treat for our kids someday soon!
Travis looks a little sleepy in this picture, but he enjoyed his breakfast!

New Neighbor

My Aunt DeAnn just bought a house in our neighborhood. She has a little different floor plan than our house, but it is a very nice house.

All the boys were tired after a day of moving furniture! They are enjoying resting her big couches!