Friday, February 19, 2016

Pete the Cat Opinion Writing and Park February 1, 2016

We got this writing idea from Jolene.  Isaiah had fun with this project.

Esther cracks me up with always wanting her sunglasses.  

Making Sample of Love Sign for Moms Group January 31, 2016

This is our craft project for Moms' Group this month. I had Isaiah and Esther
help me make the samples this weekend.  I think they turned out great!  I am
excited to make them with the other moms later this week.

Kroc Center January 30, 2016

We gave the Mitchell family a gift certificate to the Kroc Center.  Today was
our day to play together.  We got there a few minutes early so the kids
entertained themselves by moving about the van and being silly together. 

We had a wonderful time swimming!  I didn't take any pictures during swimming,
because I didn't want to get my phone wet, and I was having fun swimming too!
Swimming did the trick and wore out some of us...

Lego Boat January 29, 2016

Aunt DeAnn gave Isaiah a truck, trailer, and boat Lego set.  On the Lego box it said
boat really floats. I read that to Isaiah and he wanted to check it out in the bathtub
once it was built.  Isaiah discovered it does float and it is an awesome tub toy!

Sandbox Park January 28, 2016

We had so much fun at the sand park a couple days ago we went again to play when we had another pocket of sunshine.  We were prepared this time and wore the right clothes that sand washes out of more easily.  We also brought  buckets and shovels so we could make some awesome castles!

Perfect Square Project January 25, 2016

A couple weeks ago we checked out a new to us book.  We found the book at Nonna's Library in Sherwood.  She had a couple books to return and we went in with her to play and look at books.  I happened to spot this book and knew Isaiah would think it was fantastic!  It was called Perfect Square by Michael Hall. He immediately fell in love with the book.  We have been reading lots of Perfect Square, but just the other evening he asked if for school we could make our copy of Perfect Square. We did just that and he had a BLAST making his book.  It is now a prized treasure that gets carried around and read lots!

Today he got to use a ruler, scissors, glue, and crayons to make this amazing project! 

Even Esther was involved in the project!

Our friends texted us and asked us to join them in the sunshine at the park so we took advantage
of the opportunity.  We left in mid Perfect Square project and enjoyed the park with friends!

He was such a hard worker and really wanted to make each page accurate!

We ended up getting to take another walk in the afternoon sunshine to Grammy and Grandad's house to show them Isaiah's Perfect Square book!  It wasn't raining, but I enjoyed wearing my new rain boots!

 My cuties and I on our sunshine walk!

While we were at Grammy and Grandad's house Esther did a little drawing.
Esther drew a dog!

 This was her inspiration! 

 Here is his finished Perfect Square book that he so excitedly showed to Grammy and Grandad! 

It was a perfect square.  It had four matching corners and four equal sides.
And it was perfectly happy!

 But on Monday the square was cut into pieces and poked full of holes.  It wasn't perfectly square  anymore.  So it made itself into a fountain that babbled and giggled and clapped.

On Tuesday, the square was torn into scraps.  So it made itself into a garden.

On Wednesday, the square was shredded in strips.  So it made itself into a park.

On Thursday, the square was shattered.  So it made itself into a bridge.

On Friday, the square was snipped into ribbons. So it made itself into a river.

On Saturday, the square was crumpled and ripped and wrinkled.  So it made itself into a mountain.

On Sunday, the square waited to see what was next.  It waited and awaited. Nothing happened.
Its four equal sides were confining.  Its four matching corners were rigid and cramped.

So it made itself into a window... that looked out on a mountain, that gave birth to a river, that was crossed by a bridge, that led to a park, that was home to a garden, that had, at its center, a fountain...

that babbled and giggled and clapped.

My cuties on the walk home!

Playing Go Fish January 24, 2016

Isaiah likes to play Go Fish.  However, he has a hard time holding all the cards in his hands.  His solution is usually to just lay them out all over the floor or table, which means that the other person can see his cards.  Today I used a pinterest help and made these Lego card holders.  He really liked them and the game was much more fun for daddy too!

Josiah's 2nd Thomas Birthday Party January 23, 2016

I woke up with a fever so unfortunately I didn't get to go to Josiah's birthday party.  I was super sad, but Travis took the kids and the report was that they had a good time.  Uncle Josh and Aunt Kayla made a french toast breakfast, and then there was time for visiting, opening presents, and eating the yummy Thomas cake!