Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm Back at Work

I guess reality is...I'm back to work and not blogging about work isn't allowing me to stay home!

On August 24, 25, and 26 I attended a Bridges in Mathematics Training. The training was for three whole (8am-4pm) days and was meant to help us get our feet wet in the "new" curriculum our district adopted for the 3rd grade teachers.  Isaiah stayed with Nonna while I was at the training, and it was a long three days for all of us!  

Tuesday, August 31 was my official first day back.  I am still working part-time, but this year it will be teaching in the morning.  The schedule for this day was a work day.  I came in at 8:00 am planning to have 4 hours to get lots done in my classroom.  However, I ended up attending a schedule meeting for a hour and half from 8:00 until 9:30am.  After the meeting I did get several needed items done, but noon came by quickly.  I wanted to keep getting things checked off my to-do-list, but I also wanted to pick up Isaiah from Nonna's.

Wednesday and Thursday were also contract days.  I again worked from 8 to 12 and most of my time was spent in beginning of the year trainings.  Thursday morning was Drop Off and Donuts so I did get to meet a few of my students and their families.  Isaiah was with Nonna both of these days and I think was starting to get our new routine.  

Friday was a non-contract day, but I just wasn't feeling ready for the first day of school so I went for a few hours.  Mostly I ended up making photo copies and continuing to organize the new math curriculum.  The nice thing about going in on Friday was that Travis (who took the day off) and Isaiah were able to come in with me!

The first day of school was Tuesday, September 7 and I have now taught these students for one whole week.  I have 21 students and they are amazing!  I am really enjoying the blessing of a smaller class size this year.  I also am enjoying the blessing of only having 3rd grade students as opposed to my 2/3 split class last year.  I am excited to continue to get to know my students and their families.

Isaiah has been doing well with Nonna.  He is starting to talk so much more (but that is another blog post).  Isaiah loves getting to see and play with Campbell on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Nonna thinks he misses us, even though he may not show it by running up and giving me a hug or kiss when I come to pick him up.

Going back to work hasn't been terrible by any means, but I do miss spending all day with my baby.  I know Isaiah is in great hand though...thanks to my wonderful mom!  We appreciate all she is doing to help our family out.


Aimee said...

Going back to work is SO tough, but it sure is great that Isaiah gets to spend time with Nonna while you're working. That is a wonderful blessing. I can't wait for the blog post about his talking!

Brad & Emily said...

You do know that you are "officially" back to work now that it is on the blog :-) I love you friend and I bet your mom is so excited to spend her days with her fun grandsons.