Thursday, August 29, 2013

Father's Day (6-16)

A group of men from our church formed a men's choir and sang on Father's Day Sunday.  Trav's mom and dad wanted to hear one of the songs (since they couldn't be there).  Travis told me ahead of time which song to record (his favorite) for them.  The men did a wonderful job!

We had a relaxing afternoon...Daddy even got to do play dough with the kids!

We are so grateful for our daddy!

Monday, August 26, 2013

New John Deere Tractor Hats (6-15)

Pops is getting a Tractor!

He got a couple free tractor hats out of the for Isaiah and one for Grandad.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Swimming, Abby's, Sticks, and Frozen Yogurt (6-14)

We love having Daddy home on Fridays!  

On this particular Friday we had all kinds of fun...
We went swimming (no pictures- camera and water is no good).

We went out to lunch at Abby's Pizza.  
Esther decided that sleeping was more important than eating. 
We made her a soft little crib with towels from our car on one end of our table.

After lunch we went and played at Chuck and Cheryl's new house.  They brought out some fun sticks to play and build.


We finished off our day by getting frozen yogurt.  Isaiah had a great time getting to pick his favor of yogurt and special candy toppings.


 Poor Esther just had to watch us eat ours...soon baby girl!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Zoo Trip with Friends (6-12)

Sarah and Brook convinced me that I could handle driving, parking, and taking my two kids to the zoo.  I made it safely to the zoo with no directions problems (this is a big deal-I hate driving to the zoo).  There was a parking spot (which is also a big deal because we have gone numerous times and had to park in the shuttle parking lot which is super inconvenient).  And all that to say...we had fun!
This is where the tractor that Isaiah used to love to sit on was...looks like they are making even more changes to the zoo.

  Not a great picture of the polar bear...but I just love polar bears!
 Isaiah was more into his granola bar snack than watching the polar bears anyway.

Michaela and Lily managed to do and watch the polar bear.

 Sarah with her two cuties, Lily and Nathan.

Our attempts to get a group shot on this zoo trip.


We even successfully ate lunch at the zoo!


We had a great time...but were worn out so Isaiah and I had some afternoon snuggles once we were home and Esther was napping.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Afternoon Reading (6-8)



Sherwood Car Show (6-8)

When Nonna and Pops lived in Sherwood we had fun walking to Old Sherwood in early June to explore the Cruising Sherwood Car Show.  Now they don't live in Sherwood, but we still find it fun to drive to Sherwood and then walk around and look at the old cars.  This was Esther's first Car show experience...she liked it (looked at some cars, slept some, ate and looked at a few more cars).