Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Halloween Costume

Normally I not a fan of Halloween, but toddlers in costumes is so cute! How could I resist when I noticed Costco was selling Halloween costumes for a good price... only $11.99.  I found a duck costume that I thought was pretty cute so I went ahead and bought it since knew the availability would be limited as it got closer to October.  I had also seen the same costume at Fred Meyer for $34.99 so I knew I was getting a good deal. 

Isaiah really seems to be growing these days so I was getting worried that the Halloween costume wasn't going to fit in a month an half so this evening I decided to try the costume on and see how much room he still has to grow and allow the costume to fit.  He was such an adorable duck!  He did great keeping the hood of the costume on... he never once tried to take it off.  I still need to find a yellow long sleeve shirt to go with the costume, but for now enjoy my precious baby duckling.

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Brad & Emily said...

your blog is now linked to my I can see when you update it. Isaiah is pretty cute in that duck costume!