Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Submitted for EP

EP: Emigration Permit (permission from the Korean government for your child to leave the county.)

Usually families get notice of EP being submitted into the Ministry 1-2 months after the acceptance paperwork is in Korea.

Our acceptance paperwork was submitted in November. We have been anxiously waiting to hear that our little guy has been submitted for EP.

This morning we received an email that said our child's documents were submitted to the Ministry on Jan. 29 for EP!

We ask for your continued prayers that the paperwork moves quickly and our little guy can come home soon.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bamboo Wood Floors

Travis and I have been wanting to put hard wood floors in our downstairs for awhile. We have been looking at wood at Costco and getting really excited about possibly being able to afford doing the project.

Two weeks ago when my friend Kristin came to OR for our baby shower I started talking to her about if her dad would be interested in helping us do our flooring project. She talked to him that weekend..and he was interested!

The next week we emailed and called to make details. We also went to Costco to get our bamboo wood flooring. We bought 23 boxes!
Our car was full and so was my parents car.

The wood had to be inside to get acclimated to our house. It was fun having 23 boxes of wood next to our kitchen table for a few days.
Last Tuesday, Jon (Kristin's dad) drove from CA. He got to our house Tuesday evening and we started tear out. Travis taking the toilet and some flooring too.
Jon was so excited to start the job he couldn't wait until Wednesday morning to pull back some of the carpet.
Jon suggested we try to sell our carpet and pad on craigslist instead of paying to take it to the dump. Good idea... we sold it for $50 dollars! We were able to sell our laminate too!
Wednesday morning by 8:30ish the carpet was all gone. Jon was working fast.
Jon taking off the baseboards in our half bath.
Wow, tear out was messy.Before I left for work on Wednesday all the tear out was done. No more carpet or laminate floors.
Our garage was pretty full this past week.
The bamboo flooring still in its boxes.
Jon was still deciding were he would start laying the wood.
Sophie had no idea what was happening in her house. She didn't like having to walk on the floor without flooring.
Jon started by the fireplace. These were his first two boards laid.

This was his progress by Thursday evening. I didn't take any more pictures of Friday because I had a meeting at school on Friday am, then I went to my neighbors house to watch her little boy so she could run a few errands, and then I went to work.

Here are a couple photos now that the house is mostly back in order. We love our new floors!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Introducing Lillian Hannah

Thursday February 4th @ 1:16 AM we got a text from Sarah: In hospital, Beulah in crate. Can you pick her up later this AM?

We slept through this first text.

Thursday, February 4th at 7:29 AM we got another text from Sarah: Lillian Hannah born at 6:55 AM 6lbs 4oz, 19.5in.

We heard the second text come through and we were quickly up and getting ready to go get Beulah.
Beulah is an amazing dog! We loved every minute of our four days we had her. It was hard to take her back to her parents, but we knew she needed to meet her new sister.

Congratulations on your beautiful daughter!
This is a picture of her at the hospital, but she looked pretty much the same when I got to see her today. She had a pink hat and blanket instead. I forgot to get out my camera when we visited her. Next time I will take more pictures... as I am sure I will need to hold her again soon!

Baby Shower

My sister (Elise) and sister-in-law (Kayla) planned an amazing shower for me in honor of bringing baby Isaiah home soon.
Kayla made this amazing decoration - a cake out of diapers. It was a perfect shower decoration, and will be a well used gift.
The shower started at 11:30 so an amazingly yummy lunch was served.
Yummy homemade pizzas! My friend, Kristin took this photo and I love the artistic look!
During the first game everyone had to try and match different languages with different versions of baby. Congratulations Amy for getting eight correct!

During the second game everyone had to put a paper plate on their head and try to draw Isaiah.
Reviewing my options.
I picked a winner, but too bad you can't really see how good Kim drew Isaiah.

My brother-in-law (Dan) painted a sumi-e tree for Isaiah's room. It represents his family tree, and the loving family he will be a part of over here. At the shower everyone there wrote a word of encouragement on a leaf made out of Korean hanji paper.
We were very blessed during this shower! We are so thankful for all the amazing gifts.
Opening gifts-thanks everyone!
My friend Kristin flew up from CA to attend the shower. It was great to have her here for the weekend.
Me and my sisters!
After the shower I got to read all the blessings written on the leaves.
Sweet words!And what is a blog post without including my adorable nephew. He loves giving the dogs a kissy.