Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Break Beach Pictures

Here are the pictures Travis took while we were at the beach last Friday.
This picture was at Cape Disappointment.
Here is a view of the Cape Disappointment light house.
Steep cliff down to a nice sandy beach area.
The family minus Travis the photographer.
Cape Disappointment!
A nice close up of the light house.
We enjoyed watching the waves in the ocean.
We thought this looked like a great senior picture setting.
This picture was taken at Fort Columbia. We were resting and being silly... like normal!
Momma had fun feeding the seagulls bread.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break Week Rundown

My week of Spring Break was filled with these things...

Monday- I spent the day with my sister and my nephew. We played toys at my house, ate lunch at Abby's with uncle T, and went to Fred Meyer. It was a fun day!

Tuesday- My mom went with me to the eye doctor and then we did a little shopping. I bought a cute new pair of Nike tennis shoes. We met up with the boys (Trav and my dad) for dinner at Baja Fresh. Trav washed my car, and then we sat in the hot tub.

Wednesday- I had lunch with Sarah and Brook and their girls. It was great to see them. Then I ran a few errands.

Thursday- I had bad allergies Wednesday night and didn't sleep much so Thursday I didn't have a ton of energy. Travis took the day off and we helped my mom take care of Campbell. I took a great 2 hour nap today!

Friday- We went to Longbeach, WA. We meet up with Trav's parents and sister and husband for the day. It was a lot of driving, but good to see family.

Saturday- We slept in, made waffles, went to Abby's for lunch, worked on organizing our gifts for Korea, and watched a movie.

Sunday- Enjoyed church, had a yummy lunch of chimichangas, ran a few errands to make a couple of returns, had fun walking through ToyRUs. We bought Isaiah a Fisher-price camping toy. It came with a tent, lawn chair, fire pit, roasting marshmallows stick, bunny, and an Asian girl. I wish it had been a boy, but alas Fisher-Price doesn't seem to make Asian girls. I am going to email them though=) Then we made a yummy dinner of stuffed peppers and watched a movie.

Unfortunately, I didn't take many pictures. We do have some from our beach trip that I will need to post later.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Backyard Project

We thought we were out of projects to do, but alas we found another one to do before Isaiah comes home.

This weekend, on Saturday, we had amazing weather (70 degrees) so Travis and I spent the day outside in our backyard. We built a planter box and re-landscaped our small backyard.

Travis went to Home Depot in the morning and bought all the wood we would need to make the planter box. While he was gone I did the dishes, vacuumed the upstairs, and cleaned our bathroom.
When Travis got home he started cutting the wood into the pieces we would need.
I worked on making sure all the weeds were taken out before we put the planter box on top. Once the wood was cut Travis and I worked together to build the sides.
This picture of my shadow was the only one I got of me during this project. I am okay with that since we hadn't showered and were looking grungy.
The layout is beginning.
The pieces are being connected.
Our box is built and we are beginning to put in dirt.
Travis spilled dirt in our newly laid rock.
We now have a planter box along the back fence, rock (which was there before because it is part of our drainage system, but we added a new layer of rock this weekend), and then hazelnut shells.
Another close up of all our hard work.
The final culminating shot. I love how it looks. However, both Travis and I are feeling a little sore today from the project. We can't wait to start planting stuff soon.

All in all this was a good distraction project for us as we are really struggling that we don't have Isaiah home yet.


Earlier this week....

I wanted to take Sophie on our walk, but since she got hurt (November) we haven't felt comfortable to take her on walks. This is getting harder for me as we are starting to get some nice weather. I was brainstorming that maybe I could carry her in our baby carrier. Travis said NO ... Unfair! I think he is embarrassed for me to carry her in the baby carrier even though she would probably like it.

I have been talking to my parents about them getting a new pet for the grand kids (and me). I suggested a hedgehog. They seem so cute! My dad said NO ... Unfair!

Update: Well nothing is decided for sure yet since he did look at a hedgehog today at Critter Cabana.

I would really like to hear that Isaiah has EP, but NOTHING from the Korean Government yet. Unfair!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Beautiful Gift From God

I went to a baby shower in honor of Sarah and baby Lily this weekend.

New Car

Having one car taught us a lot about compromising and patience within schedule planning. I wouldn't have done it different. But, having two cars again is such a blessing. I am loving my new Camry!

Friday, March 05, 2010

Still Waiting for Isaiah

We have been waiting for EP approval for five weeks. The average wait time has been said to be from 3 to 6 weeks. We are fairly sure that we will not be in the typical time frame, which is very difficult news for us. We know that at least five groups were submitted for EP in January and as far as we know only one and a half groups have been approved. We need a miracle! Please pray with us that we will get our EP approval soon!

Each day of waiting is getting more and more difficult for Travis and I. We love that people are involved in our adoption process but we are beginning to struggle in knowing how to answer time frame questions. We are tired of saying a month of two... and then no real progress. Please pray for our ability to communicate kindly to others about our process even when there doesn't seem to be movement forward.

While we are waiting....

We installed the baby video monitor that my sister and brother-in-law got for us. We are pretty sure we could seem him in almost all areas of the crib. Now we just hopes he actually sleeps in the crib (at least at some point once he has attached to us).
We filled the closest with lots of clothes... although I am getting worried he will out grow some and the seasons will change and these clothes will be too warm.
We filled his dresser with pj's, diapers, and wipes!
We filled his dresser with lots of pants!
We filled his closet with lots of toys.
The most recent thing I bought were these Crayola color wash cloths. I am so excited to use these during bath time. (People say buying stuff for you son helps ease the pain of not having him home yet- I am trying it, but it hasn't helped a ton.)