Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mother's Day (5-11)

Sometimes Sunday mornings require a show so that Mommy can get ready.  
I love to see these two snuggling each other!

After church we went to the Train Park with the Daniel family!

The lines weren't that long so we got to ride several times.

 The Mommies and kids! 

Esther even let Scott give her a few snuggles today.

Monday Cuteness (5-10)

 Morning cuteness!

Afternoon cuteness that Daddy saw when he got home from work.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Art Day With Our Neighbors (5-9)

Missy had a doctor appointment so the kids came over to play with us.
It wasn't a planned art day, but it turned into one, and we had a blast!  

First we did play dough.  

Travis being silly with the kids!

Then we painted.

We even did spin art!

 We finished with fizzy paint!

Play dough (5-6)

The kids and I had a fun morning making lots of play dough creations!



Scotty's Playhouse (5-5)

Esther is enjoying the Frozen characters also!

Our neighbor and friend from church, Beth, invited us to join her and her daughter at Scotty's Playhouse.   We had a fun morning!  Esther had fun exploring.  She liked ringing the doorbell.

Beth and Vivian playing in the house.

Isaiah was super confident and enjoyed climbing through all the big kids tubes and slide.
It was hard to get pictures of him, but he is behind this wheel deal.