Saturday, June 28, 2014

Park with Aunt Elise and Campbell (4-8)

Aunt Elise and Isaiah singing the Crazy song from Frozen.

Campbell was helping Esther walk around the playground better.

There was also some cousin time singing the Crazy song from Frozen!

Esther's Walking Cuteness Continues (4-7)

Kiara's Micky Mouse (Hot Dog) 2nd Birthday Party (4-5)

Happy 2nd Birthday Kiara!
(These first two pictures were taken by her mommy and daddy)

Here are the party pictures... The kids got their first tattoos!

We told Isaiah it was like a stamp.  
He thought it was pretty cool and liked looking at it on his hand.

 The cute birthday cupcakes!

 Enjoying the yummy treats.

Esther was really into the birthday treats as well.

Kiara opening her name puzzle from us.

Some baby Josiah snuggles!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Crazy Song (4-3)

"Frozen" is a new movie favorite!  
Uncle Dan and Campbell made a recording of them singing the Crazy song.  
Esther thought it was fun to watch again and again.

Wrench, Wrench, Pit Stop... A New Game Made Up By Daddy (4-1)

Zoo (3-31)

After we finished at the World Forestry Center we decided to take a quick trip to the zoo.  Since both places are in the same parking lot and we both have a zoo pass it made it easy for a quick trip!  

Here are a few quick highlights from our trip.

The sun bear was actually out!

Isaiah loves to find fountains and water to watch!

The lion cubs were out!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

World Forestry Center (3-31)

Our neighbors are the coolest and have memberships to everything!  They really like the World Forestry Center and wanted us to experience it.  So we ventured to check it out...and it was fun!

Isaiah enjoyed the big tractors with big tires!

This was a cool little "under ground" exploration area.  We were able
to check out where animals (stuffed) might like to live.

However, this was the favorite part... pretending to white water raft.  It was hilarious!  They (or mostly Isaiah) wanted to do it over and over.  This is the part he still talks about too-ha!

Esther wasn't a fan of the raft, but she did enjoy being out of her stroller and getting to explore!

Missy and I tried to get Esther to walk or crawl through the tunnel log...but she would have none of it!

Esther wanted to go back to the "under ground" exploration area.  
So everyone else followed!

There was a tree planting area.

Then we went upstairs to check out the Snoopy exhibit.

Next stop, pretending to be passengers riding in a train.

Ending our adventures on a safari jeep!

I jumped out of the jeep for this awesome opportunity to pet an elephant!

Playing with masks while people rotated through the bathroom before heading out!