Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Water Balloons January 10, 2016

Our friend Michaela LOVED this dress.  I just recently moved it to Esther's closet and she wore it today to church.  I thought we should text Michaela's Mommy, Brook to share that we are wearing it and enjoying it.  Of course Esther was being silly when I wanted to take a picture.

It was a sunny day so we spent some of the afternoon outside.  I vacuumed out the van and the kids played in the van.  Esther said they were going to drive to the movies.

We also spent part of our weekend working on garage organization.  We put up a new overhead shelf so with the new garage storage we were able to take down the Christmas lights from the front and back yard and have a place to store all the new fun we had bought to decorate our house during the Christmas season. We also put up a couple other shelves that allowed us to better store things.  We moved a few things around and added a few things to shelves that was still on the garage floor that we were wanting to be stored on higher shelves once they were installed.  While doing some of the garage reorganization Isaiah found the water balloons and requested to play water balloons.  I   fulfilled his request.  We had a blast!  Daddy even suggested that they throw water balloons at his truck.

Here was bowl two of water balloons!  I sure love these crazy kids!

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