Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Love Day Surprise and Sneezy the Snowman January 11, 2016

Isaiah had a doctors appointment yesterday.  Esther got to stay with Nonna and while we were away she made us a Love Day Surprise.  She was so EXCITED to give it to us when we came to pick her up.  We opened this beautiful red envelope to find this wonderful card.  She is so proud of her project!!

After Isaiah's appointment he wanted to be play at Nonna's house.  By the time his appointment was done, it was dinner time so Nonna invited us over to have waffles.  Isaiah loved his dinner and then  we played for a bit before a quick bath and heading home.  

The kids have been LOVING this library book.   

This library book  Sneezy the Snowman inspired some art by Isaiah.  The snowman, hot cocoa, hot tub, campfire by the tree, and finally ice cream store are all parts of this book.  He was also inspired to draw from the Snowflake, Snowflake book.  Snowflake, carrot, black rock, brown branch, blue scarf, round button, warm mittens, black hat, snowman make up that story.  The shapes at the top were just an added bonus!

Esther's art of Sneezy.

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