Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday with Toys, Estonia Writing, Movie, and Homemade Milkshakes January 18, 2016

Esther is really into doing Legos. She really likes to build Legos while Isaiah is busy
doing school. Today she made the vacation house.  She proudly came out of the office
and announced it.  I didn't ask for all the details of the house, but here it is...looks great!

Esther also loves to play with her doll house and tends to get it out
while we are doing school also.  I love seeing her little set ups!

We checked out a video about Estonia where my good friend Emily and her
family live.  We watched the movie once.  Then the second time we watched the
movie we paused it and took notes of things we could be learning about the
country.  After we had notes I helped Isaiah write a little piece about Estonia.

Afternoons tend to lead to some TV time per their request.  Today I was glad because
they both have had some coughs so I was happy they would sit still on the couch.

Isaiah still wanted his second milkshake for loosing tooth # 6.  We tried making a milkshake
at home.  He wasn't impressed so I think he still wants us to take him out for one-silly boy!

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