Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Chuck E Cheese Writing January 12, 2016

I asked Isaiah what he wanted to write about today and he sat for awhile and didn't say anything.  I suggested maybe we could write about what we did this weekend.  I was thinking the water balloons that we did yesterday was a lot of fun and that could be an easy topic for him to brainstorm lots of details to write.  However, out of the blue (yet nothing is out of the blue to Isaiah) he suggested he write about Chuck E Cheese.   It seemed kind of random to me, but then I remembered he spotted it when we were driving home from his appointment yesterday so I'm sure it was on the fore front of his mind.  He was right it did prove to be a good topic for him to write about because he had tons of ideas and even drew a matching picture.

From left to right...he drew and orange animal boat, a blue monster truck, a red Clifford, and a black carousel.  Those are hard things to draw and he drew them without any help or me talking him through the details so I think they turned out pretty good.

I was upstairs when he finished his writing piece and did his drawing.  He took the liberties to draw a bunch more pictures too.  There are basically two things happening on this paper.  One is the Snowflake, Snowflake drawings again.  The second thing is drawings of our water balloon fun from yesterday.  Near the bottom right in grey is our van. Above the van in purple is our vacuum.  In front of the vacuum (big purple crescent) is a pink bowl filled with three water balloons (purple, green and orange). Near the top right of the page is Daddy's truck because they threw the water balloons at it.  I sure love when this boy is brave and will draw for us.  I think he is such a good artist, but he is so hard on himself that he rarely lets us into his world as an artist.

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