Sunday, August 29, 2010

Plant Removal

We have a HUGE plant right next to our driveway.  We have asked our homeowners about switching the current plant for something smaller, but alas nothing has ever happened.  Typically the plant gets HUGE and the gardener's cut it way back (so it looks stupidly small) and then before you know it, the plant is HUGE again!  It has been a vicious cycle that we were ready to end.  Therefore, we decided to ignore our homeowners lack of response and taken action into our own hands and remove the HUGE plant.  I made sure to document all our hard work getting this plant out of our yard!
Step 1:  Shovel in ground
Step 2:  Put your weight into it!
Step 3:  Repeat step 1 with more weight onto the shovel!
Step 4:  Eventually, we got the HUGE plant out of the ground...feeling proud of our hard work!

Step 5:  Carrying the HUGE plant with victory to the yard debris trash can.

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Brad & Emily said...

You crack me up. You don't space out your posts! One day there are no new ones and the next few days there are five new ones. I love reading them. I saw a weird vegetable in the store today and forgot to take a picture