Friday, August 27, 2010

Another Vegetable Travis Doesn't Like

This is one of many board books at Nonna's house.
Recently the Ayres family was in OR dropping my cousin Kelsey off at college.  Kristin and Aunt Cheryl were reading this look and skeptical of some of the vegetables included in the book.
This is a vegetable we had never heard of before this book.  However, we noticed a vendor at the Sherwood Saturday Market was selling them.  Uncle Chuck decided to buy one so we could all try it.

Nonna cooked vegetable marrow for dinner for us.  It is supposed to be very similar to zucchini.  The man the sold us the marrow at the Saturday Marker gave us some directions about how to cook the vegetable.  Nonna filled the marrow with a meatball mixture.  I thought it was pretty good, but I think I like zucchini better.

Travis said he liked the meatball mixture better than the vegetable.  Surprise, Surprise!  Another vegetable Travis wasn't fond of and didn't end up finishing from his plate.

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Brad & Emily said...

there are all kinds of strange vegetables here, all have been yummy but I like all vegetables. Some of the fruit though (although I like fruit) has been WEIRD