Sunday, August 29, 2010

Moving Kelsey into College

My cousin Kelsey just moved into her dorm at University of Portland and I got to help!  I don't know how much help I ended up being, but I did become the photographer for the day.  Here are a few photos from move in day. 
  Aunt DeAnn unpacking the vacuum cleaner... Kelsey was overly prepared!
Rain boots...must be moving to OR from CA.
We filled the hallway with lots of Kelsey's tubs!
Aunt DeAnn and Kristin bringing in Kelsey's fridge.

Aunt Cheryl and sister Kristin hanging out in the hallway while Kelsey and roomate Kristin decide how to arrange the furniture.
Kelsey and her new roomate Kristin before most of the unpacking began.
 Still smiling!
I helped make her bed so when I was done putting the zip around mattress protector, foam pad, pillow top mattress cover, fitted sheet, flat sheet, fleece blanket, comforter one, comforter two, and throw and pillows all on her bed I thought it deemed picture worthiness!  
Kelsey sure looked comfy!
The desk was a good dumping grounds while we unpacked...but it got pretty messy quick!
Kelsey trying to organize the mess we made on her desk.

I had fun moving my little cousin into college.  I already want to go up and visit her again and see the finished product!  I have texted her a couple of times and know she is doing well.  She is taking her vitamins that we put in the top drawer and she is wearing BOTH pairs of slippers around the dorm.  I still need to check the status of if she has worn all THREE pairs of black flats yet.  I LOVE YOU KELSEY!  Enjoy your first year of college.

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