Saturday, March 12, 2011

First Injury

Unless I am having bad Mommy memory, I think we just experienced our first injury with Isaiah on Thursday.  We were at my parents house.  We were in the process of getting ready to go home and Travis was loading up the car.  I was inside with Isaiah watching him run back and forth between the front door and where the toys were all sprawled out on the floor.  During one of the running back and forth times he tripped over a toy and fell forward and hit his face on the wood floor.  He started crying right away.  I was close enough to quickly pick him up and see that he was bleeding from his mouth area.  My parents tried to help by getting a wet cloth and ice.  Isaiah of course didn't really want us to touch it or look at it.  However, we quickly realized that the injury was his lip split open so we kind of just let it be and let him calm down the rest of the way without us bugging his lip. 

I tried to take a picture of it yesterday, but none of the pictures were really showing the injury.  Oh well, it is kind of gross anyways.  I hope my poor baby's lip heals quickly.  We are so thankful that he made it this long without other injuries and honestly a fat lip as a first injury isn't too bad either!


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