Friday, March 04, 2011

March 3rd, Dr. Seuss' Birthday

On Dr. Seuss' Birthday our friend D came over to have dinner and hang out for a little while his parents were busy in Portland.  We asked him if he wanted green eggs and ham (which we read at school this morning), but I guess he already had that for lunch at his school.  So we didn't go to the trouble, but we did have a fun breakfast dinner.  I made yummy fun shaped biscuits.

Isaiah enjoying his smoothie and biscuit.
D enjoying his biscuit with jam.
Travis getting to ready to eat dinner...
This was his version of the dinner (biscuits with gravy).
   And this was my version of the breakfast dinner... and how could I not play with my fun food! 

Isaiah's favorite Dr. Seuss book right now is the Foot Book...maybe someday soon I can get a recording of him reading this book.  He has already memorized a good portion of the book!

I hope everyone had a great day of celebrating this amazing author!  What is your favorite Dr. Seuss book?


Aimee said...

There are so many great Dr. Seuss books to choose from... I love The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Kirk used to come read it to my students every year with voices and all- they loved it! Trip and I read Dr. Seuss' ABCs together on a regular basis and we like that one too.

Aunt Jolene said...

I love so many of Dr. Seuss' books too. One of my all time favorites though, is The Cat In The Hat, and The Sneetches. I always read The Sneetches to my class at school, and it makes for some good discussion. Jolene