Wednesday, March 09, 2011

2nd Chance, and Not Any Better!

Can you tell what I gave a 2nd chance?  Yes, our new local Grocery Outlet.  Yesterday, after school I swung into Grocery Outlet to pick up some sour cream.  Today we were celebrating our classified staff at school by having a potato bar lunch-in.  I figured since I only needed one item (sour cream) I would just get it for cheap at Grocery Outlet.  I figured sour cream was a pretty normal grocery item so no problem.... 
Wait?  This isn't a picture of sour cream!  Why, you ask...because Grocery Outlet didn't have a light sour cream.  I can't say they didn't have ANY sour cream, which I wish I could say, but I can say they didn't have the HEALTHY option for sour cream.  So I wasn't able to accomplish my one task of swinging in to Grocery Outlet to pick up sour cream.  Well, since I already stopped at this store and we had liked this frozen pineapple I didn't want to completely waste the trip so I picked up a couple bags of frozen pineapple, which was yummy again in our smoothie I made last night.

The point though is that I had to later go to my trusted Safeway in the evening to pick up the light sour cream!

The sour cream did not disappoint as it was delicious at the potato bar lunch-in this afternoon!  I am so grateful we have wonderful classified staff to celebrate today (and all week).  They all do an amazing job within our school!

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