Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Today when Nonna was leaving our house Isaiah was waving and saying goodbye at the front window.  However, as she was leaving he got a little distracted by his boots, which were also by the front window.  He LOVES his boots!  And without missing a beat he said "boots" and began to step into his boots and put his boots onto his feet all by himself.  He did it too!  The boots were on the wrong feet, but he put them on all on his own doing.  I was very proud of my little dude.  I tried to take a couple pictures, but he was on the none of them turned out great.  Oh well, still fun to remember the first time Isaiah put his own shoes on...what a big boy!

It is a little difficult to see in the picture, but the left boot is on the right foot and the right boot is on the left foot.  Oops!
Not sure why he grabbing his shirt...but check out his boots!  I think he was still pretty proud of himself.
Obviously, he put on his own boots as his pants are mashed up above the boots instead of nicely tucked inside the boots.  Ha!

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