Sunday, July 25, 2010

Raspberry Picking with Isaiah

We have been trying to have at least one family outing each weekend.  This weekend included visiting Sauvie Island.  Travis tried to take us to a cool beach spot to eat our lunch, but he couldn't ever find it.  We finally ended up at...

...and enjoyed our picnic lunch at the farm.  Lunch was late so Isaiah was pretty hungry and we didn't bother getting the camera out.
After lunch we hiked out to the raspberry fields to pick some yummy fresh fruit.  Isaiah enjoyed the ride in the carrier on the way out to the fields.   
The raspberry fields were past this huge 100 year old oak tree.  On the way to the raspberry fields we noticed how cool and shady it was underneath the tree, but we didn't quite appreciate the tree until we were on our way back from picking berries.
Our sweet boy running in the raspberry fields.
Isaiah had a great time exploring the rougher terrain.  He did really well tackling the different textured grounds especially since when he first came home he wouldn't move when placed on grass. 
Mommy and Isaiah carrying our berry buckets.  Why is Isaiah's bucket upside down?  I guess he didn't quite get the picking berries deal.
Poor baby boy with dark black hair... he got super sweaty especially fast today.  He never complained though, he was having such a good time.  We are so proud of our baby boy!  He does great on all our family outings and adventures.
After the hike back from the raspberry fields we took a quick drink break.  He appreciated the shade of our car trunk.
Silly Mommy and Isaiah... enjoying some cold water together!

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